Update Log for Check a Roblox User’s “Last Online” Information

Link to the Game: Check a User's Last Online Information [+ More!] - Roblox

(This update log looks long because it includes both big and small updates since mid-2020, with some explanatory details of the updates)

November 7, 2021:

  • Updated the game’s date/time calculations to account for Daylight Savings ending today. If there happen to be any clear time/date issues with this update, please let me know. I am aware that sometimes the “time ago” will be slightly incorrect by an hour or so. Also, I am aware that some more users now have their last online date as their join date (especially those who have been offline for over 2 years now) - this is a Roblox issue that I am unfortunately unable to fix.

September 23, 2021:

  • Enabled the new “Spatial Voice” (voice chat) feature in multiplayer servers. Only about 5,000 developers are currently able to actually use it in games though, but this feature will be expanded whenever Roblox expands their beta access (also, you must be age-verified). More info about spatial voice here.
    [Side Note: there have not been many substantive updates recently as I’ve been extremely busy with other things, but come WIP features will be coming before the end of the year!]

July 4, 2021:

  • Manually added a couple of requested terminated users’ avatars (for morphing/spawning into them). More updates soon!

June 12, 2021: (lot of new stuff)

  • When searching in the “More Info” GUI, you can now press “Enter” on your keyboard (while you are currently selected in the textbox) to search instead of having to click on the green “Enter” button every time. This should work on all devices.
  • Added a “Personal User Search History” that allows you to see the last 10 users (starting with the most recent) that you searched for in the game. To access it, click the mint green colored button on the right of the “Enter” button that says “My Search History”. This includes users that you searched for using the red brick, and using the More Info GUI. It will show if you searched the user by their Username or by their User ID, and there will be a convenient green “Search” button that you can click instead of having to type out the user’s name again. When you search like this, it does not add to your count total for the “Most Usernames Looked Up” leaderboard.
    NOTE: Other users are NOT able to see who you searched for. They are not able to see if you looked them up or not. And likewise, you are not able to see who looked you up, or who looked who up. With this update, you are only able to see who you looked up.
  • In multi-player servers, I added the “My Friends List” block that was previously only found in single-player servers. It works exactly the same, except you now have the ability to physically hide the list from the other players in the game (by default, other players are able to view your list). When you click on the grey “Hide List from Other Players” button, the other players will not be able to see your list unless you choose to show it again. This is for privacy reasons, in case you do not want other people seeing what games your friends are playing. Only you are able to see and click the button in your Space. Also, you have to manually click the "LOAD … " button on the block, as I am aware not everyone will use this feature - so this is for the sake of preventing wasteful Http request overloads.
  • Added a green “Refresh List” button to the Friends List block, which will update the online status of your current friends. The button only appears after the current list is finished loading. Only you are able to click it (though other people can see the button in multiplayer servers)
  • Added a “Settings” GUI. Click on the small gear icon in the left menu to open it. So far, the only 3 customizations you can set are friend notifications (on by default), your skybox (only you can see it), and the option to add physical walls around your space in multiplayer servers.
  • Added “FRIEND UPDATE” notifications that appear when a friend goes online/offline or changes games/locations (these notifications do not always work, for mysterious reasons related to an issue that Roblox did not fix). By default, this will be OFF. You must enable it in the new Settings menu if you want to enable those notifications on the bottom right of your screen. Your Settings will save next time you play.
  • Manually added a few requested terminated players’ avatars (for morphing/spawning)
  • Added a new badge related to the Personal Search History update. To get the badge, you must have 10 searches listed in your history (you will know when you see all 10 rows filled out - you will see 10 “Search” buttons). You can reach 10 by searching various users (non-consecutively). Then, click on the “Search” button for any of those 10 users, and you should get the badge. Remember, your list’s data will save when you come back to the game.
  • Added an Avatar Context Menu option in multiplayer servers. Click on a player’s character in the game to view what they are currently wearing, do a wave emote, etc.
  • I’ll be (mostly) away for the next 2 weeks, so there won’t really be new updates during that time (hence I put out a lot of new updates recently)
    – In single-player servers, sometimes the Friends List block does not load. You will see the error message in the Dev Console (F9)
    – The friend update notifications may sometimes not work, due to the same Roblox issue as above. You will see the error message (HTTP 429) in the Developer Console. I will be trying to find workarounds. If it gets worse or starts breaking things, I will temporarily disable that update.
    – [If there are any other new issues, let me know - preferably with a pic/video example. Also, if possible, screenshot the error message in the Dev Console (F9 on keyboard).]

June 5, 2021:

  • On the “Your Friends List” board in single-player servers, I have made a change. Now, the list of friends will list those who are currently online first (in alphabetical order), followed by the rest of the friends that are offline (in alphabetical order). Also, instead of it just saying “ONLINE” for those friends, it will also say where they are online (Website, In Game, or In Studio), and if their privacy settings allow you to view what game they’re in, then you will also see which game they are playing/editing. Stay tuned for more changes/updates (very soon) that I think many people will like.
  • (Forgot to add this earlier: June 1, 2021 - Made the “10 Million Visits!” badge unobtainable)

May 31, 2021:

  • Fixed a small glitch that occurred in single-player servers recently (where the red “[BANNED]” text would incorrectly appear when you searched for a non-banned player after searching for a banned player). This should be correct now. Also worth noting: most of the players who have the red “[BANNED]” text are terminated - usually this text does not show up for players who are temporarily banned (from what I’ve noticed).

May 24, 2021:

  • Added a new button with new features that many people could find useful/interesting. After searching up a user in the More Info GUI, click on the new teal-greyish colored button that says “[see more]”. You will see a “MORE PROFILE INFORMATION” pop up that shows you these 3 new features:
    – User’s Profile Status: this shows the short profile status/blurb (the one that now appears in “My Feed”) that used to be on the top of profiles until Roblox removed it a few months ago. Now you can view anyone’s status again.
    – Display Name: this shows the user’s current display name (by default, it’s their current username). The display name feature has not been released in all countries yet.
    – All Previous Usernames: this shows you all of the user’s previous username(s), ordered from the current/newest to the oldest.
  • (The text size in the new GUI window above may sometimes be disproportional, but it will do for now. Also, I expect there to be a few more updates by the end of May.)
  • Made most of the buttons have slightly round corners in the More Info GUI (hopefully this is better/more visually appealing than the previous rectangular-only buttons)

May 22-23, 2021:

  • Added the much-requested ability to search by User ID, instead of only being able to search by Username. This is only in the “More Info” GUI, not on the physical blocks. You can switch between these two search modes as much as you’d like (but make sure to be in the correct mode once you click the “Enter” button, or else you may get unexpected results). By default, the game will be in Search Username mode, as it always has been.
    To use this new feature: click the small circular down arrow button on the left of the “ENTER USERNAME HERE” text. It behaves like a “drop down” menu (with only 1 option). You should see a grey button that says “Switch to ‘Enter User ID’ instead”. Click it, and the text above should say “ENTER USER ID HERE” now. To revert back to username search mode, simply do those same steps.
  • To celebrate the game achieving 10 million visits (:tada:), I’ve added a new badge to the game. It is very easy to spot and can be obtained in either multiplayer or single-player servers. This badge will only be available until June 1, 2021 (at that point, it will become unobtainable).
  • If you try to search for an invalid/nonexistent username or user ID (in the More Info GUI), a brief red-text Error message will pop up, to let you know that the user was not found and that you should try again. This probably means that you typed the username/ID incorrectly somehow, or are in the wrong mode (for example, trying to search for a username while in Search User ID mode, as the game is expecting a number rather than a string).
  • Added a shift lock button for mobile players - it can be found on the top right of the screen. It should help for those mobile players who like using shift lock for sword fighting. Credit to TheChickenBoy_YT for most of the script (I slightly modified it due to issues).

May 10, 2021:

  • I have closed this year’s “egg hunt” event in the game. Congrats to everyone who participated and won any of the egg badges - especially those 60 players who won The Last Egg! Moving forward, I will be adding some small (yet popular) requested game updates in these next 2-3 weeks (for example, the ability to search by User ID).

May 8, 2021:

May 6, 2021:

  • Added a new temporary leaderboard in multi-player servers - a Server Egg Badge Leaderboard. It is located on the edge of the map (opposite edge from the sword fight arena). This leaderboard is server-specific, it is not a global leaderboard, it is simply to show how many total eggs (out of 9) you’ve collected compared to other players currently in your server. The board updates every ~45 seconds.
  • Added a new (and final) egg to the game - The Last Egg of 2021. It will be available for the next few days until the event ends Sunday night. It is only available in multi-player servers. You are only able to pick it up after you first get all the other 8 egg badges. The egg does not do anything special in the game besides release yellow sparkles, but it spawns quite often and in only 1 location (hint: very close to the new leaderboard ↑↑↑ )

April 30, 2021: [more of a brief announcement]

  • Extended the unofficial “egg hunt” event so that it ends on May 9th (next Sunday) around nighttime. It was originally supposed to end on May 3rd. At the very end of the event - around May 7 or 8 - I may upload a small video to my YouTube channel showing all of the possible egg locations, how to get the eggs, and their intended rarity.
    – For the many who are confused about how to get the “Egg of the Malicious Hacker” badge, a hint is in the badge description (in particular, the number is supposed to be a small guide towards which user you need to look up). The egg itself isn’t a physical egg (unlike all the other ones), it will be a GUI image button that you will need to click on. Also, the egg is not anyhow related to hacking.
    – I also added the classic “victory.wav” badge award sound so that it plays when you win an egg badge.
  • In the first half of May, I anticipate to add the additional ability to search by User ID (instead of username, if for whatever reason you only have the user’s ID). I also will eventually add a small notification that will pop up when you try to search for a user that doesn’t exist (which can happen as a result of spelling errors or an extra space), to decrease confusion. Later in May, I plan on adding the ability for you to see a small list of the most recent users you looked up (each user will be clickable so that it loads their info), in case you want to search for them again and don’t want to spend time typing out their whole name. Note: I will never add the ability to see what users other players looked up (for privacy reasons).

April 15, 2021: [unofficial temporary in-game event!]

  • Added a small “egg hunt” to the game, with 8 eggs that you can earn by finding them, earning them through tasks/skills, or a combination of both! [IMPORTANT: These “eggs” are unofficial, as you will NOT receive any Egg hat in your Inventory - you will only receive a BADGE from the game. These eggs are mostly retextures that I made of some of the classic Roblox egg meshes.] This small game event will be available until May 3 (a Monday). After that day, the badges will be unattainable.
    – In about a few days, I will add a way for each player to “disable” the egg hunt for themselves if they choose to do so (re-enabling will be an option), in case they simply do not want to participate/see any eggs, or if they already completed the hunt.
    – Most eggs disappear after a certain amount of time if they are not picked up (usually between 25-60 seconds, though one of the eggs disappears after 5 seconds due to the location.)
  • ^Some more specific information: 6 of the eggs are able to be found only in the multi-player version of the game (it could be a private server), 1 of the eggs is able to be found only in the single-player version, and 1 of the eggs can be found in either version. I have listed in each egg badge descriptions regarding where the egg is available. The rarity of each egg varies, but the fabergé egg is generally supposed to be the rarest/least spawned. Most of the eggs should be fairly simple/quick to obtain. One egg could potentially require a little bit of teamwork! Towards the end of April, I may add another update. Happy hunting! :egg:

March 29, 2021:

  • Added a simple Account Age feature that shows exactly how many days/minutes/seconds ago a user created their account. It will be below the searched user’s Join Date in the “More Info” GUI. Basically, it’s very similar to how it also displays exactly how long ago they were last online. It calculates using Epoch Unix time (for both the current time and the join time, for calculating the difference), so that is why you might see a ±1 hour inaccuracy for some accounts that joined before Daylight Saving Time started (if your timezone changes clocks). Regardless, this is negligible for accounts that have been on the platform for a long time anyway.

March 27, 2021:

  • To account for occasional (though infrequent) issues that occur with an external proxy that I use, I have added a second proxy that will serve as the “main” proxy. If that “main” proxy has any issue for any reason, then the game will rely on the proxy that I’ve always been using. This update should (hopefully) make the game a little bit faster and notably decreases the probability of HTTP/API issues that occur due to some sort of temporary issue with a proxy. I will be monitoring how this new proxy compares to the previous one, and if anything goes wrong with this update, I will revert it.
    – Sometimes, info may still take about 3-4 seconds to fully load, so please be patient if this happens (especially with Total RAP)

March 22, 2021: [multiple new things!]

  • Added an “Audio Inventory” GUI that displays all of the audios that you have in your Roblox inventory. In the “Play Music” pop-up, upon opening it, you will notice a new purple button that says “Open My Audio Inventory”. The pop-up will list your audios from most recent to most old, and will list 10 at a time. There is a ~2 second cooldown upon clicking “Next Page”, in order to allow the system to load faster than it would if someone rapidly spam-clicked on the button. You need your inventory visibility (in your Settings) to be set to “Everyone” in order to see the inventory in-game, at least for the duration of your playtime there. You should click the “Refresh” button after making it public.
    – If an audio does not play, then it has been moderated or copyrighted (in-game) in some way or another. Also, there’s a weird issue that occurs sometimes involving audios failing to loop. (worst case scenario: click the Play button again)
  • Added a gamepass - “Chat Color Changer” (50 robux). You may also purchase it in game. Basically, owning this gamepass will allow you to change your chat color in the game. This only changes your chat color in my game - no other Roblox game - and does not apply to the bubble chat color above your head. There’s a selection of 18 colors, and your selection saves when you leave the game. You may access it by clicking the new “Chat Color Changer” button in the menu.
  • I have added a scrolling bar to the menu on the side (in light of the chat color update above), and in place, I moved the “Purchase Premium” button down to the bottom. It’s better to have scrolling than have a super clogged menu in one shot. (In addition, I may add another update in the future that will require a new button in the menu)
  • (Mostly) fixed the strange spacing issue that sometimes occurred when you opened a user’s Friend List (it would sometimes merge the title with the first few friends’ usernames so the text would unintentionally overlap). This sometimes still happens, for no reason, so I will check it out more.
  • In a few days, I will be adding a few banned users’ avatars (for morphing/spawning), as per some requests that I got.

March 20, 2021:

  • Added a “Stop” button to the Play Music GUI
    – I am aware of an audio looping issue (it’s a really strange one that should not be happening)
  • As a way to discourage auto-clicking/botting/spam-clicking, I have updated the “Usernames Looked Up” count system so that if you search up more a suspiciously high amount of usernames within a minute (while I will not specify that exact number, it is a number greater than 20 - so it’s decent), the system will revert your count back to whatever it was a minute ago. I have also temporarily increased the looking-up cooldown period by half a second (I will change this back soon).
    – Successful botting will result in removal from the leaderboard (or having your Usernames Looked Up total being lowered to a more legitimate amount, after I look into it). The only time this will ever be an issue is if someone suddenly climbs to the top of the leaderboard within a day. In such a case, I will look into it.

March 15, 2021:

  • Fixed the remaining issues with last online information (as well as the “days ago” statistic) being incorrectly displayed by an hour. The only remaining related issue left to fix is the times on the Friends List board in single-player servers (this will be done in the next day or two). DM me if there are any other related issues.

March 14, 2021:

  • Updated the game’s timezones and the in-game time calculations (for the last online & join date/time) to accurately reflect today’s switch to Daylight Savings Time. I will make this an efficient, automatic process by the time DST ends in November. If there is some apparent timezone calculation issue that is suddenly occurring now, PM me.
    – For a few hours, this will not be a perfect transition because some timezones have already changed their clocks and some haven’t yet. By March 15th, this update should be correct to everyone.
    – In the event that you live in a state or a country that does not change their clocks (hence some of the buttons on the Timezone Selection menu may be inaccurate for you by an hour - although I don’t expect this to be much of an issue in the United States during DST), you can still enter a Custom UTC Offset number at the bottom of the menu, as that will be accurate no matter what. (If your offset number is negative, make sure you type the minus sign too) If you do not know your offset number, you can quickly check it on Google. Additionally, the “last online ___ days/hours/minutes/seconds ago” text should be accurate for everyone regardless.
    – I will be releasing a few more new updates either on Friday or next weekend (they are almost done!)

March 9, 2021:

  • As a result of some code optimization, I made the user search system a bit faster. Now, when you look someone up, it should be a bit faster than how it used to be. (This excludes the “Total RAP” calculations, as that may still take a few seconds for users with many limiteds - so it naturally will take a bit of time for the system to go through each page of their limiteds & add the RAPs)
    – This “faster loading” update applies to both the “More Info” GUI system and to the simple “click on the red block” system. This is for both multiplayer servers and single-player servers (additionally, in single-player servers, the “Friends List” last online block should be loading a bit faster now too).
    – At times, you may take an extra second to load the game at first, but this is relatively negligible.
  • In light of the update above, I slightly reduced the “cooldown” period for looking up users. I originally added a cooldown due to auto/spam-clicking with the aim of getting on the leaderboard. Originally, this cooldown period was between 2-3 seconds, now it is between 1-2 seconds, since I made the system faster.

March 1, 2021:

  • Whenever you look up an Audio ID that exists and hasn’t been moderated/removed for copyright - yet still does not load, it will say “[Error Code 46 : Roblox In-Game Audio Copyright Error]” in the textbox. This is due to a recent issue with audios not loading in game (even though they work on the Roblox website), assumingly due to some sort of copyright-related update. I am still exploring what happened, but this seems to have affected all games.
  • Added a “Clear” button to the “Play Music” screen. Upon clicking on it, anything you put in the Audio ID text box will be cleared. This is to make it easier for people who do not want to manually delete the text, as I recently disabled the ClearTextOnFocus property for the text box.
  • Whenever you try to enter/search for an invalid/non-existent username, a small red banner will pop up on the top of your screen saying “Error: User not found, please check the spelling and make sure there are no extra spaces.” Some examples for why this could happen: the username you looked up does not even exist at all (or you incorrectly spelled, for example - mixing up an uppercase “i” for a lowercase “L”), or a username is glitched so that it has no real User ID attached to it, or you had an extra space at the end of the username you looked up in the GUI (this extra space sometimes happens as a result of copying and pasting from the website).
    – There were a few issues with the update mentioned in the third bullet point ^, so I temporarily removed it but will re-add it in the coming days/weeks, along with other cool updates that I’ve been working on.

February 26, 2021:

  • Added a new badge - “Spawned Yourself”
  • Fixed a small issue where your character’s animations wouldn’t entirely work properly right after spawning someone’s Outfit/Costume. I am aware that there are some other weird character movement glitches (for example, when you’re an R15 character and try to spawn an R6 character, it sometimes glitches you in the ground). This is a relatively minor issue as it doesn’t affect much, but I will be fixing these things in the next few days.
    – *Until this issue is fixed, I have made a minor adjustment in the code for spawning a user’s current avatar or their outfits: after the “Loading…” screen goes away, you may notice that you are not in the correct avatar type (R6 or R15) as you were before - as it was not preserved. This inconsistency is something I am attempting to fix, as it can be tricky to perfectly accommodate both avatar types in my game like this, especially when using HumanoidDescription. For example, if you’re currently R6 and you spawn an R15 character, you will then see yourself as an R15 character. If you’re currently R15 and you spawn an R6 character, you will then see yourself as an R6 character. This should not really affect much, and you can get around it by simply morphing back into whatever character you want.

February 11, 2021:

  • Added the ability to “spawn” any user’s outfit (even the ones that they are not currently wearing). After clicking the “View all Outfits” button, you will now see that each outfit has a small orange “SPAWN” button below the outfit title. Overall, it works the same as the “current avatar” spawning system that already existed.
    – There are not supposed to be any significant issues with this. But if there is any issue, let me know. (Also: Roblox prevents the ability to view banned/terminated users’ outfits - so there is no way to expand this feature to those users at the moment)

February 7, 2021:

  • Fixed the issue with the “View Groups” list not loading/working. It should now work properly as it always did.
  • When you look up a banned/terminated user in the “More Info” GUI, it will now say “[BANNED]” in small red letters above their avatar image. This is to distinguish between banned and non-banned users that you look up. Also, if you click on the “[BANNED]” text, it will show an informational pop-up about the recent problem with terminated users’ avatars.
  • Added the ability to morph into some of the most famous terminated players (and/or spawn their characters). Previously, it would just load a grey character, but I have manually fixed it for some terminated players (as a workaround). So far, I have only added approximately 40 terminated players (my focus was on the ones that many users want to search for). For example, you can now spawn/morph into Minish, 1x1x1x1, Dignity, Pheedy, Are92, miked, and some others. You can also use the “View Currently Wearing” button on them.
    – I am aware that this solution is not perfect, as you will still see a grey character for most of the terminated players (the ones that I did not manually add in this update). The manual process is inefficient as I have to input all of their current assets that they’re wearing, their body colors, and heads/packages.
    – Also, I am aware that there is a glitch when you try to morph into one of those manually-added terminated players (for example: Minish) right after morphing into a terminated player that I didn’t add (so a grey avatar will appear anyway in that case). To get around this, morph into any non-terminated player (any avatar as long as you’re not grey) and then look up a terminated player that I added.
    – If you have any suggestions of other famous terminated players to add in a future update, let me know.

February 2, 2021:

  • Updated the “Useful Game Information” block (the one in multiplayer servers) to include #3 - information about the issue regarding terminated users (like Minish or 1x1x1x1) showing up as empty grey characters when you morph/spawn them. (Unfortunately, this is an issue on Roblox’s end, and it has been happening for weeks). Worst case scenario: I may get around this issue for the most famous terminated users.

January 29, 2021:

  • Added the ability to view the details/components of any player’s outfit (“costume”). When you look a user up using the “More Info” GUI and click the “View all Outfits” button, you will now be able to click on any outfit’s name/title. When you click it, it will display what Roblox items are contained within that specific outfit. (The pop-up’s design will be similar to that of the “View Currently Wearing” button’s pop-up). From there, you can click on any item to inspect it, or even purchase it.

January 28, 2021:

  • The Most Usernames Looked Up leaderboard now displays how many usernames you have looked up (this info is at the bottom of the leaderboard; only you can see your own, unless you’re in the top 10 that’s listed above). The top 10 leaderboard itself updates every 70 seconds, but your total count at the bottom will update within a few seconds (under 3). Read the following information below if you are confused why your count may be lower than you thought it was:
    – Reminder: there is (for now, at least) a cooldown period of about ~2.5 seconds before looking up a username again (the only way someone can legitimately look up usernames in under 2.5 seconds is if they’re spam clicking the button in hopes of reaching the leaderboard). This was done in the last update in order to potentially reduce some lag and to discourage auto-clicking. Also, the usernames you look up must be consecutively different in order for it to count as +1. For example, looking up “Player1” and then looking up “Player1” right away again will not count as 2 separate usernames checked.
  • I will be looking into why some older players (especially some of the terminated players, like Minish and Dignity) wrongfully appear as a grey R6 character mesh when you morph into them. This is relatively new and most likely Roblox-related (which is likely out of my control), but I will look into this and see if there are any workarounds.

January 24, 2021:

  • Updated the way the system works in order to 1) reduce the possibility of unnecessary lag/spam, and 2) discourage auto-clicking/spam-clicking the “Enter” button as a way to try to make it onto the “Most Usernames Looked Up” leaderboard. The way the system now works is that once you click the “Enter” button in the GUI (or the red block button on the ground), the button will be disabled for about 3 seconds and then will work again. This small change was also done in order to allow the information to load properly (whereas some people thought the game was broken if the information didn’t fully load within a second, so they would spam click the button). I will look into this more, and more game updates will be coming in the next few weeks!


To see a FAQ page for the game: FAQ for the game Check a Roblox User's "Last Online" Information