Faster Lua VM: Production test run, take 2

Given that Luau is now live on the client and server for all games, is it safe to assume that changing the flag in the Beta Features menu is now meaningless? I haven’t been flipping that switch on and I’m wondering if that’ll change anything at this stage in the game.

(I flipped it on just yesterday, contrary to what the text above says)

This checkbox affects Studio, and we’ve enabled the VM on Client/Server only for now.


Does this mean that if everything goes well you could say it’s shipped instantly or will there happen anything else before it’s fully released?


This isn’t my game. I’m posting it for the creator who isn’t able to.

This game has just recently been broken without any changes, and we’re thinking it’s related to the Lua VM. Is it possible to get it turned off?

I’ll use “lue ew”, try to say it fast.


What was the name for the older Lua implementation?
EDIT: I’m an idiot lol


It broke :FireAllClients() the remoteevent just isn’t sending it anymore

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Do you have any details about what specifically is the problem?

Looks like the problem was caused by some obfuscation that the creator used. The name of the obfuscator is Ironbrew, if you need it.

Posting this here as it may be helpful to people who reported this as an issue:

Thank you zeuxcg, you awesome, awesome person. No more loop code refactoring for me.


if i am correct before luau roblox used lua


From RDC with zeuxcg’s talk, I got “Lu Ow”


Excellent work on the Lua VM so far. I look forward to the optimizations we’ll see coming out of this new system. The name “Luau” fits quite nicely, I think. I’ll easily stick with it.

This alongside with the bit32 library is a dream come true. Thank you for this.

Will there be a catalog hat for Luau too? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a question about this. Will it improve Performance for all PC’s and Mobile ?

This new VM is improving, among other things, the overall script execution time which should have an impact on performance. Of course this still depends on the device specs.

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Script Rate (/s) is not measured properly. The rate is not being reset before it’s measured again; instead, it is added to the previously measured rate.

The measured rate can go up to millions on scripts that have been running for a very long time, making it look as if there’s a memory leak when nothing is actually wrong.



I think they’re working to fix this bug outlined here as well:

People are now rebranding the old Lua to LuaC to create the distinction between the VMs

I suggest to please not follow on this. It’s even more confusing considering Lua C is a Lua API, and I’m sure the name spawned out of a misconception with it too. It’s preferable to address it as “vanilla Lua” or “Lua 5.1”.