Developer console script rate increases indefinitely

It seems like the “rate” for server scripts in the Developer Console keeps increasing without reason, but only sometimes. This is what it looks like after a couple of hours when the bug has happened:

The microprofiler looks the exact same as when the server started, though. Less than 3ms frame times, and the amount of labels seen in it is roughly the same.

This is on Windows 10, 64 bit.

Side note: ChatServiceRunner still takes up quite a bit of processing even when chat is disabled completely. Why? :thinking:


I also had this happen where the rate grew forever, yet the activity had no correlation to it.

I then loaded the game multiple times to see it again but it seemed to only happen randomly.
I’m hoping it won’t be a problem later on since it didn’t actually seem to slow the game down.

Also experiencing this same bug, however there was no effect on the game.

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I’m having the same issue with my game. However, it seems that it begins to increase indefinitely when I first open the Developer Console

Sorry to necro-bump but this is still going on. It seems to be more-or-less related to the script’s actual rate on how rapidly it changes and by what amounts. It appears to be completely random on what servers it happens on but is quite common.

It doesn’t appear to cause any lag, and the activity rate never changes through-out the entire time period. Then again, my game is very simple and doesn’t have a lot going on so it may induce lag.

Can we merge this topic I made into this…?

Also encountered this while scripting something and checking diagnosis about the rates. Unfortunately, I can’t put my finger on what it is. Perhaps it was a recursion effect.

This increased the rate by a large number over time:

local function Recursion(fun)


Sorry to bump this, however are also experiencing this issue.

SoundDispatcher is not owned by us, it’s a Roblox component.

The high script rate numbers are a lie. Definitely misleading information, this should be fixed as I cannot tell what the true rate is.

I think this is only on MacOS or something?

Nope, I am having this issue on Windows 10

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A game I work with is also experiencing incredibly high Rates for SoundDispatcher

Is it something to be worried about?

Not quite. It is mostly indication inaccuracies. None of the numbers are true.

Still experiencing this bug. Ridiculously high inflation of the rates on some scripts, though some servers do not experience this issue.

Discovered this in my game aswell, I thought it was a memory leak or something but I guess it is just a bug with the console. If so, would love for it to be fixed.

Has this bug been fixed yet? I’ve been recently improving game core scripts. I noticed steadily increasing script rates, and I combed over just about all of the code in my game and cannot seem to fix it.

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MacOs 10.14.2 and script activity also progressively increasing

I am also having this issue.
In old servers (after about a day or more) the rates can get into near millions and the game slows down quite a bit, but that part could be my fault.

It may be a memory leak or script had infinite yield or some function that never end, to prevent lag, i do my own method i re-enable scripts as to reset rate down.

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This is not a memory leak. Memory leak has to do with unreleased memory (memory that thinks its in use when its not). Memory leaks only effect memory usage.

This is most likely (based on the linearly increasing line above) due to a value not being reset. For example, the script rate is added to every so often but isn’t reset to 0.

This bug continues to exist to this day. During an endurance test of one of my recent scripts in a test for errors, after letting it run for around an hour. The displayed script rate was over 350k/second. Which doesn’t help me in determining if the script-rate is fine for what the script’s task is.

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I can also confirm we’re experiencing this. Unsure whether or not it’s the actual script rate increasing or it is a developer console bug. I was able to find steps to reproduce this. It looks like it happens when you have two scripts with identical content being run. The console will show that the rate is increasing indefinitely over time for one of the scripts.

Here is a place file with the repro:

RateInfiniteIncrease.rbxl (17.4 KB)

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