FastNet2 - a fast, efficient & lightweight network library


FastNet2 is Networking Library, FastNet2 is designed to optimize, solution for heavy multi-events and an alternative for native events

Documentation | Github | Wally | Try with Benchmark | NetBench

Benefits & Features

(Why you should just move to FastNet2 over FastNet or others?)
  • Easy to Use (Not complex & Documentation available)
  • Better Optimization & Performance
  • Stability & Efficient (reduced throttling & efficiently handling heavy multi-events)
  • One-remote for All (less overhead and reduce cost for multi-events usage)
  • Multi-Threads Re-uses (with advanced multi-threading)
  • Safety check (prevent internal errors with few extra check)
  • Debugging
  • Identifier Serialization (reduce identifier event byte cost)
  • Lightweight but very-fast
  • Memory-leaks prevention (reduces memory usage to prevent memory-leak happens)

FastNet2 version: rc9 (0.9.3)
FastNet2 is currently on development, and FastNet2 is not ready for use/producted

Test Benchmark (Result)

Note: These Benchmark is at 500 packets sent every 0.5s, test in Studio

Benchmark comparisons

Roblox (default):


FastNet2 (default settings, rateLimit 500, v0.9.3/rc9)


FastNet2 (default settings, rateLimit off, v0.0.8-preAlpha-refresh)


BridgeNet2 (default settings, v0.5.2)

Red2 (default, rc11)

What you currently using?

  • Native (Roblox Remote)
  • FastNet (v1/v2)
  • BridgeNet (v1/v2)
  • Red (v1/v2)
  • Self Custom Library
  • Other Library

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Will you use FastNet2 in the future?

  • Yes i’m
  • Thinking
  • No, but maybe later?

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Rate FastNet2

  • Good enough overall
  • Well
  • Still needs more improvement/updates

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how is this any better than BridgeNet? any comparisons?


you can download the “Networking Test” rbxm file i uploaded and also dont forget to update the fastnet2 source on it, the v0.0.2 available now

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So basically FastNet2’s job is to make the player have lower bandwidths on Wi-Fi and decrease avg ping?


If you had any idea/suggestions/feedbacks, let met know.

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screenshots of the benchmarking place file for anyone that’s too lazy 2 download the place themselves


i removed the FastNet from benchmark (reason: FastNet had big problem on queue, when it not firing the queue still push until the queue stores is empty so it may break others when benchmarking)

also fastnet2 is now v0.0.3

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It’s funny how you released FastNet2 for no particular reason when BridgeNet2 is also in the works. It just offers all the features that BridgeNet has but it’s just a copy. Not saying it’s bad to recreate stuff, but looking through the code it looks similar, and you released FastNet2 for no reason.

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hot fix on client side (.rbxm, not published on github & wally, will be released when next update)

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what did you mean i didnt copy and following how BridgeNet2 ecosystem works and i even dont understand how bridgenet2 system inside, all i do is doing experiments

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Why is your code exactly like BridgeNet2’s code?

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I also found another thing similar

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??? its package of wally config, and im using rojo if you have made wally and rojo package you prob know


im not stealing their idea im just learned from all/common signals module (not network)

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Well, then I am deeply sorry if I have caused you any trouble, have a good day :smile:.


updated benchmark file to newest [included with hot fix upd]

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bro does not know what wally.toml is :skull:

its not code, its more of a config. ofcourse their identical


Update | v0.0.4 | Pre-Alpha

  • Added :Wait, :Once, & some other functions
  • Support lowercased name function
  • Minor Server side improvement
  • Patch critical on 0.0.3


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You are trying to push the narrative that code was copied, even thought the only thing you showed was code that is a required config file…


Update | v0.0.5 | Pre-Alpha


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