Feature's of Nexon?

Hello, developers! About a year ago (dang, it’s been that long!), I released Eclipse Anti-Cheat, and we saw massive success. Since then, I’ve wanted to recode Eclipse and improve everything.

Back in February, (The Forum Post) I asked you what the new name should be. We got a ton of suggestions, and after multiple polls and months, we concluded on “Nexon”. This is an amazing name, and I can’t wait to release Nexon.

But I need your help! What features would you like to see in Nexon? Also, if you have any general questions, you can ask here or on Discord! BugleBoy#6467

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A group and player ID based exemption system (if is in x group and above y rank or z player id then they are exempt from being moderated)

Not many auto-moderation type things have this and I think it would be wonderful to include, as it would remove most of the “check if they are just admin” hassle and could definitely give some needed quality of life that most anti-cheats lack.


Fully agreed, Eclipse hade a “Authorized” Player-ID list for whitelisted players.

I hope to bring AuthGroups/Ranks and AuthPlayers to Nexon.

I’ve also been thinking of trying to use admin’ model’s APIs to figure out If a player is ranked on a admin script.

I.E I think HD-Admin has a API Function for checking if x player is ranked.

This might allow for automated auth’ing if enabled in config.

A simple anti cheat, like eclipse but please add the ability to change settings from the panel

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also it would be cool if players that have been recently banned are logged in a discord server and for what reason and by what moderator, it would also be really cool if you could make it so that you can set it so that a person can not allow bans from a certain moderator to ban people from their game so that instead of having to detect moderators being power hungry yourself, you can just let users choose what moderators to not care about their bans and let people banned by that moderator into your game

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Not sure if the panel will make it into Nexon,
A-lot of thought has been put into a web-panel.
Then prompts you with a login.

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This would be difficult as a external API would be needed to connect to a bot in that said discord server so it could display the ban reason.

This would apply cost to hosting a bot and api and make Nexon no longer free to maintain.

maybe just a moderator who made the ban should be saved so that users can ignore that moderator’s bans

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maybe also with some 2FA where you have the owner of the game join a verification game and put in a code so that it is completely sure

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Just got Nexon’s Github-Repo setup!
GitHub - ImInTheICU/Nexon: Nexon, the best free anti-cheat service for Roblox.
Planning on releasing Nexon within the next coming weeks.
Make sure to star the repo for it release ; )