Featuring early adopters of Roblox technology


Hey, great question!

I’m happy to say that we are not replacing or changing the normal Featuring program at all.
We had to merge the two Featuring Programs (New Avatar Experience & Featuring Program) together as there wasn’t enough time to roll out a new Sort before the Holiday, which was our original plan.

Hopefully, by early January 2019 you can expect to see a new Sort specifically for the Rthro games, we also hope to expand this sort to feature all sorts of games using new Roblox technology.

Unfortunately it wouldn’t quality, you will need to change the body type to 70% or higher for the duration of the featuring period.

Not at all! The normal Featuring program is staying the same.


In that case this program is just expanding the range of opportunities for developers - which is awesome! Thank you for the clarification.


Is the exclusive hat given to everyone who had a major development contribution to the early games, or just the owners of those games? Have had a handful of games I’ve worked on as a modeler, but I can’t really join in on this as an owner of my own place.

Interesting way to go about promoting RThro by the way! If there is one thing I have to ask regarding nomination, it’s whether that Player Choice Disabled requirement is only for the duration of the nomination, or for the game’s lifetime onward. Would seem a bit restricting to keep it locked down when the purpose is to simply encourage devs into trying it out to see if it works well for their game.


Not just the owner gets the hat, anyone who plays a major role in the development does


Everyone in the development team of the game will be receiving the hat. (As long as they made contributions to the game)

The game will only need to have those requirements turned on for the duration it is on the Featured Sort. So once the game comes off the Sort, you are welcome to change the settings back to your desire.