Feed Back on Main World Build for Blox City!

I have been working on a project alone for some time now. I would like to see your opinions and be able to improve some of these areas based on your suggestions.


It looks amazing. I would say the buildings look blocky though I do not know if that is intended or not. There is a variety of depth, shading and demonstration of your skill. Though I cannot identify what this is:


It looks incredible. Keep up the good work.


These look incredible. I love the design a lot, but the only thing I’d suggest is to fill areas with smaller models to make it feel more compact.


Thank you, I understand what you mean.


I will surely add more detail to those as soon as possible. Thank you.


The game is pretty good! I like all the low poly textures! t reminds me of lots of simulator games that are out there on Roblox! And I think your are a pretty good scripter :rainbow: Keep up the good work :+1:


May I ask for what you intend to utilise the game for? I could provide better feedback if I know its purpose.

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I cant tell you what the game is as of right now, but I plan to announce the concept in the near future, Sorry.

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Low poly art can only work when you nail your spacial awareness and aesthetic, and sir, you nailed it. From the variation in the trees to the different heights of the map, this entire thing looks really good.

The fog adds a mystical layer that makes me want to venture off and see what is past the trees, and explore down the alleys and roads of this city.

Good work! 8.5/10


Due to the fact it appears to to be near mid day, judging by the shadows; it appears the street lights slightly too much light and it looks slightly off-putting. Despite this, it game still looks incredible and it would be really easy to overlook.

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I plan to add a day-night system to the lights, Thank you for noticing this.

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In all, wonderful work, the lightning fits in with the builds and everything looks so amazing.

Yeah, one thing I would change is that the Low Poly bricks look like they’re individually made of bricks so I would smooth out the Unions and such :rainbow:

Great Build! I wish I could build a map this well, as I cant really see aNyThInG I would change! Keep up the great work!

Looks cool!
image the bush seems to be a bit stretched, but other than that, it looks neat!

It looks very good and the design you are going for is fantastic, i don’t know why but i get a calm vibe from this… anyways your work looks outstanding :grin:

Looks amazing! I love the amount of detail you put into this build. I like how it’s not just one location and that’s it, adding the farm and waterfall was a good touch. Great job!

Awesome! I actually really like the low-poly parts. It reminds me of cartoony games! You really should make more games like this.

When people build low poly, this is what I expect. Fantastic! You don’t just make low detail buildings but you actually responsibly use the common conventions of a real low poly world in this build. I for one have grown weary of seeing the same low poly builds that are all identical. You on the other hand actually captured a unique style that is honestly quite refreshing.