Feed back on my GFX

its been a while sence i posted my first attempts and i have improved alot sence then
this is supposed to be a samurai vrs a crusader

i know some people will say to use blender and trust me im trying but my pc to doo doo to get it
also dont say"why is his hand on the swords back" its there because the back end of a katana isnt the sharp part unless the ones iv seen were like that only and feedback is nice


Looks good. Not the best tho. I suggest using blender, and if you’re already using blender, then use a rig like PaintRigV3. It makes the bends smoother. And use cycles engine. Great job tho!

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as i said here i cant use bender for this reason its ok tho alot of text so i can understand miss reading


Yes sorry lol I miss read it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!! But if you don’t have blender, I have a suggestion:

Pose in R15
Export the model
Open 3d Viewer
And set the lighting
Then set the camera
Save the photo and then you’re done with it!
Then the background is just pending.

So yeah.

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all right ill try that next time i dont use r15 becuase i perfer r6 ut ill use it everyonce and a while

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also real quick weres the 3d viewer thing cuz iv never heard or seen it mind telling me were and wat it is?

If you’re using Windows, then search 3d viewer in application search by clicking the windows icon. Then click and then done. Btw don’t get scared if there is a bee that is moving it’s body parts because that’s an example in the 3d viewer software lol.

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oh alright thank you and thanks for the warning lol

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a detail i noticed is that the blocking character doesent seem to be holding the katanas blunt side so it looks like he is blocking the other sword just by his left hands grip

o whoops forgot didnt notice that

It’s decent, but there are still some errors I’d like to address. There are some minor instances of clipping around the map, notably around these spots:

I think the two dudes look very out of place around the low poly builds. I think it would look a lot better if you put more realistic builds around them. I recommend replacing the grass-textured part with decorated grass terrain.

Another thing I noticed is there’s a lot of jagged lines all around the image. I recommend checking out this post on how to take high-quality Studio screenshots.

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U can learn some older version of blender and R15 in roblox

I feel like you should add some lights in some points. Right now it looks plain with the soft lighting. Future lighting also helps.

You don’t need Blender to make a good GFX. Trust me, I just finished one right now.