Feedback about a new game

I created a game with my friend. It’s name is Prop Hunters. We wanted to collect feedback about our product. We want to know what would you guys change, why would/wouldn’t you play this game. If you don’t mind, please join this game at 5 PM GMT (30 min from now)
Please, leave any comment below if you are intrested, let other people see this post :))
Have a nice day!

Here are some photos of this game


Your game looks very good but you should put this topic at #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback and not at #help-and-feedback:game-design-support because here you’re asking for a feedback.


visually it’s nice.
i mostly wouldnt play because it feels like just another money-maker game. like a simulator or tycoon or roleplay with bright colors and loot boxes that’s trying to sell something.

You were all the time in starter map, yes? Did you play round on a different map?

didnt get to play. was alone in a server.

The title of the post is “Feedback about a new game” …

Some daily bouns poped up and there was no way to remove it from the screen. Timer was saying — (I clicked on everything on the screen, nothing took it away)

Other than that it “looks” good.

Hi, thanks for joining our game. Timer is set to “—” when there is not enough ppl to start a game. I bet you were on your server alone :slight_smile:

Still left me looking at that screen popup with no way to close it. Only one thing to do after that… exit.

Okay, we’ll work on it. Thanks!

Are you able to rejoin and see if there is still this daily bonus bug? If yes, please send me screenshot

No screen shot needed…

Now the timer takes off for no reason… still not enough players.
What is wrong is I can’t select my daily bonus. The click isn’t working.
The interface never leaves. If I don’t have to click it it should vanish after a bit.
If I do need to click it, it’s not working…

Can you please send me screenshot?

What do I do here… nothing closes this window and I have no daily bonus. The timer will just end. Nothing else changes. I need to click that daily or it needs to just give it to me and vanish after a bit.

Have you tried clicking dark yellow CLAIM button? Please let me know if it works

What dark yellow claim button? This is all you see when loading in. If you’re talking about the claim button I can see right there… well of course I tried that.

This one :slight_smile:

OMG… I’ve been programing for 35 years. YES! I tried that. /facepalm


I know that feeling
We will work on UI to make it easier to read, thank you for your time!
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

I seen on the leaderboards you’re the first. In a game the creator isn’t often on the top of the leaderboards bc they use more time developing the game than playing. So I ask. Is this because you played a lot your games or is this just because there isn’t a lot of players (if that’s it, you should really advertise/sponsorise your game)?

We know we should advertise it, but we don’t have enough rbx