Feedback and tips for my GFX please

So I have been making GFX since 2017/2018 (I don’t remember) and I want to show you all my GFX and I feel like it’s not that good. So please tell me all the tips and feedback you can give on my GFX. Thank you. (All opinions are welcome)


I love the overall feel since the glare off the realistic mountain and trees makes you feel like you want to play. While this feels inviting, the ad gives off very little indication as to what type of group is. The normal viewer would think its another mountain climbing game while the group (I researched it) is actually a cafe.

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It is an HP reference. It was supposed to be an HP themed cafe group but then I realized less people are interested in that. I look forward to rebranding soon.

Also if there are any ways to fix the holes on the hair could you provide me with some links on how to fix it? Thanks.

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Did you render this with Blender?

Okay! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try using the building/cafe as the background or use a uniform to indicate what type of group it is next time.

Yes I did render it wih Blender

Okay, then there isn’t too much help I can give you since I don’t know blender. However, I would recommend checking whatever image you exported for the holes. If they aren’t there, it could have just been a mistake with the color selector.

I remember adding dust particles. That must be what you mean

Whoops. I just saw those and assumed they were the background. :man_facepalming:

Oh I also though there was something wrong when you said it because I couldn’t see clearly

On overall, it looks quite nice, but grey text and a grey logo on the background with a grey overlay just seems rather unclear. I’d suggest stroking the text and the logo.

Alright! I’ll definitely try that


First of all, love the Harry Potter reference and I think the idea of a three broomsticks cafe is absolutely genius! Maybe one of the only cafe’s I’d actually be interesting in seeing. There are plenty of HP fans on ROBLOX that will quickly get the reference and check it out, but everyone else probably not. You need to indicate this is Harry Potter themed and its a cafe.

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I would suggest making the render of the character more up and front and centered.

I’d also recommend changing the “HIRING!!!” to stand out more, maybe a bright yellow color such as this, and move it towards the bottom of the screen.

Hello! I really love this GFX, especially its style! I do have a few suggestions though.

  • Hiring Text

This is a suggestion related to the text that says “Hiring!!!” I believe it shouldn’t be with 3 exclamation marks, but atleast 1, or even none.

  • Background

The background itself doesn’t fit in with the GFX. I’d suggest changing it to something more roblox-style.

  • Three Broomsticks Text

The text there is pretty small, and kind of hard to see. (For me, atleast). I’d suggest changing the colour, and try to make it just a bit bigger.

  • Summary

As a summary, I gotta say, this is great! I believe if you add some of my suggestions, it’ll bring some more look to it. Other then my suggestions, I loved it! Good job!

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The graphics look amazing. I’m just not sure about the name though.

Would be cool if the name aligned with the logo, stretch the bottom of the word out so the sides line up with your triangles and use the words as the base( maybe with a little line underneath to continue the triangle?)

Wow, its a pretty nice GFX to be honest.

This GFX is really nice I also have a suggestion

Change the text to a lighter/darker grey it kind of blend’s in to the mountains alittle.

Although the rest looks pretty good keep it up.

Your GFX, looks quite nice like the Harry Potter reference you added into it.

My Suggestions

  • The background looks really good however. It doesn’t quite fit in with the GFX i would recommend you change that. To a more different background as you can see the text and background are the same color! i’d suggest you change it so you can see the text more clearer…

  • I would also suggest, you change the text to a more brighter color and remove the Hiring!!! at the bottom of your render off. You could change the background, to a cafe/building instead of having a mountain in the background!! as you can see below.

Overall you have really done a great job on your render. Hope to see more of your work!!

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