Feedback for my first game?

I have made a roblox game for pretty much a year now (the reason why it took this long is primarily the fact I had no experience coding with lua and only started last year).

The game teleports players to a map each round with a sword equip and they fight to the death but with events happening each second (examples being health regenerating or teleport to an obby).

The game is far from perfect but I think is a pretty good first game, I am ready to release it to the public to maybe let people play it (but I doubt the game will become popular).

Now, if its possible, I would be happy if anyone would like to review my game, you are allowed to state any opinions about it, but please don’t be too harsh on me (as said before it is my first game and they probably a few bugs).

*last note, the game requires two player for the game to start.

here’s the game link, thank you for reading!


It feels a little clunky and the gui’s feel a little old but seens pretty fun. However if playing by yourself their is nothing tobdo but get free shards and explore the lobby so a one player or more game mode would be nice. For example like a dubgeon where you clear one level and go to the next and if you make it to the end of all 30 you get a prize. If you are playing single player this definitely lacks playability but has the potential to be so much better


Hello, you have an error on your game which is

roblox ixp accessing user layer that has not been registered : ads.immersive adblock after I didn’t see any other issues on your game

if you want to correct this error you can try to correct it I give you the link of a similar error by trying maybe for you to remove it

the link: I always get this error [IXP -- Accessing user layer that has not been registered : Interactivity.Loading Screen]

Now I give you my opinion: on your game the game is not bad :smiley:

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