Feedback for my first sword model

I would like some feedback on my first sword model. This is a new month and I tried something new. If you want, I can publish it and give it to anyone who wants it. The name of the sword is called Terra-Flame Blade. It is made entirely in-studio no blender. You can see the fire on the top and the green block color giving it the grass and fire view.


Hello kingschool9! To be honest I think your sword model is very bad. It’s very basically made and has little to no detail on it. The sword itself is two skinny long rectangles each different colors with a fire effect. I recommend you completely redo it and make it with details such as groves, a better blade model, colors, sword base etc. If your not sure on doing that you can visit this DevForum post for help: Eaisest way to do a curve. Good luck making models!


aw man. I thought I had a talent for this stuff. I will try again next year hopefully.


lol it’s satire but you had good intentions XD


It’s a good start! I would say add more parts. Just more details in general. More curves :smirk: and also maybe no fire! Good start!!

This just looks like everyone can do this in under 30 seconds, no offense. You didn’t put any efforts at all, please put more effort on it.

i must say you are extremely talented

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Correction: 15 seconds.
Literally insert two parts and fire and boom you are done.