Feedback for UI and Lobby


I am currently working on Meteor Shower Survival, and I need some feedback on the UI and lobby.

Progress: Completly re-made the lobby into a bunker.

Here is a screenshot:

The UI isn’t very detailed, it looks very empty, if you want a basic but a good UI, you can use UICorner and add an UIGradient effect to every frame/button.

The lobby is very empty, try to change the colors, maybe add borders, extra details like posters, windows, etc. Try to add obbies, rooms, seats, etc.

With some basic stuff like that can improve your UI and Lobby alot, i hope this helps you :+1:


Okay, thanks for your suggestions. I will try UICorner.

What colors should the UIGradient use?

The lobby looks incredibly empty and dull. Maybe try and add more detail in the lobby?


I don’t know exactly, it depends, if the game’s theme color is red, you can set the frame’s color red, and the UIGradient color could be a dark/light red color, maybe a different color such as yellow, i don’t know, you have many choices! I hope this helps you :+1:

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This helped me so much! The UI looks better by a mile! Thank you.

I will do that later. Thanks for the suggestion!

You might want to share your current progress? It help us to give you a better feedback with your current UI/Lobby, and not the old one. :+1:

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No problem. And maybe try FIB3, you could do some really cool stuff with that.

In my opinion, I suggest cutting the lobby background a little shorter and detail, such as your in a trapped room, almost like the old days of black ops!

The lobby itself is very dry. Absolutely no color, detail, it’s just dual. I will put suggestions below that fit your theme a bit more than an average suggestion!

  • Pipe or vent detail on the ceiling
  • Trim, either top, bottom, or both
  • Pillars
  • Detail on the floor, maybe some fun shapes
  • Posters or goop on the walls
    I also dislike the way the yellow shelf looks. The pegs (legs) should go all the way up, then just connect the sides. I dislike how it’s one size from the bottom of the leg up to the first shelf, than a more thinner side piece.
    Overall, the UI and lobby are good for a start!
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Okay, thanks.

What do you mean by timing the top or bottom? Maker it shorter?

One thing I would do is shrink the UI just a little, and I would also add some more thing to interact with in the lobby. Maybe puzzles, practice area, and just more detail. Other than that its great!