(Feedback) I need your thoughts about my GFX

Hello! I am Cywv and I am really new to DevForum! I have made a new GFX and I need your thoughts.
I am trying to try and do different things in my GFXs, and as these are new for me, I need some feedback to improve my GFXs.

This is the GFX I made for a theme park

I tried to achieve a bunch of visitors visiting the theme park.
I would like to note that it is my first time doing a GFX with bunch of different bundles and types.

Couple problems that I had was limbs of the characters was glitching a lot and I struggled to pose running characters. If you have any tips about positioning, I would love to hear.

Thank you for your time to help me on improving.


I can’t tell if you’re using a HDRI but if you are make sure it’s warmer like this one. Also maybe add a PBR texture for the sand and leaves or maybe even the buildings or you should use this blender material set by @.maplestick for the buildings and windows. . Also maybe some clothing folds. Over all good work just add more texture, best of luck John.


Hey @Cywv,

Great work on achieving this! I’m not experienced with GFX design, but I’ve been in contact with some known designers in the past.
Your image looks a bit overwhelming on first eye, but when you look better, you see the detail of it! I don’t understand what the upper background objects are meant to be, but I still like your design!

The amount of characters are properly balanced, according to my opinion! Not too much, which ruins the design, but also not too less, which doesn’t give an active and enthousiast feeling. I like you decided to let the characters have different poses, so they’re not all walking or just standing, but they’ve got variation!

Something I don’t know, but I recommend you to do, make the design match the game. Is this scene also visible in-game? Is there a place which looks like this (without the characters, of course)?

Keep up the great work, take care and stay healthy!



Looks so very vibrant. I like the design of all of them walking around. One thing is that these 2 do look a bit weird since they are the same character
. image
and not everyone wears suits to a theme park

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This scene is visible from the game, it is an entrance of a theme park. Unfortunately, I didn’t make this scene and this GFX was made because of a demand of one of my friends and I am not capable of knowing the whole game.

But from on, I will get more information about the place that I am doing a GFX for. Thank you!

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Hey @Cywv! I believe your GFX is great. I love the way how it looks. I would recommend you to add a text. If you need some fonts, go to dafont.com. That link provides fonts that you might like. You can test them out yourself. :smiley:

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Could be park inspectors or management staff?

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