[FEEDBACK] improved enchanted forest

hi, here is the improved version of the enchanted forest, if you could give feedback on the map that would be great
( not finished)




Looks good, have you tried messing a bit with the fog color? how would a slightly pink/green fog look?

there is green fog, though im thinking of purple.

ah, in that case it’s very subtle, and yeah I believe purple/pink would have more of a mystic/magical/enchanted feeling to it.

k, I was thinking of a particle emitter on the mushrooms, but there’s too many particles, an I tried to decrease the size but when you move away it gets bigger, so I gave up on that.

this is with a purply/pinkish fog


The purple fog makes it look amazing! Giving it a slight (but only slight) blur to it might be cool too.

I cant don’t know how to do the blur, I tried looking but couldn’t find it, could you help me?

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Insert a blur effect into lighting, and modify how you’d like it.

Looks good! :eyes: Maybe try messing with the Lighting to make it load more realistic. Also, maybe improve the trees because they look like Decals. You could add green spheres to make the leaves and make it the grass material. Overall, I would rate this as a 10/10 as it looks good and you are putting so much effort into it. Keep up the amazing work! :heart: :smile:


Looks very nice. :slight_smile: :+1: I would change the colors of some of the mushrooms. As @Bloxxam said, I think modifying the lighting would look great. For those yellow fireflies/orbs, I would make them smaller, or different sizes. I think it’ll look nice if it rotated around a bit as well.

Like what @HYP3DN4BULA said, insert a BlurEffect into Lighting, and change it’s size to your liking. I would recommend changing it’s size to something like 5 and see how it looks.

the mushrooms are actually on a looping part script so they are multiple colours

this is with a blur of 4

edit: just changed it to 5, because 4 seems kinda weak

to make the rotation of the orbs would I have to use vector3? or something else?

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It looks awesome! Another thing that would be a nice touch would be inserting a BloomEffect into Lighting.

I added a bloom effect, though its kind of bright, because of the neon of the mushrooms

What would it look like after you play with the BloomEffect’s properties?

this is with; intensity:1, size:56, threshold:1.338

also about the trees, they are decals, because I don’t know how else to make realistic tress, I’m thinking I should make semi-low poly trees.