I’m Syst3ch from RoTech Studio. Me and my team is currently working on a game called Spell Sorcerers, which will be a simulator. We’ve already hired scripters and builders. You can check that post here!

I’m a builder as well as a UI designer of the team. I’ve recently made a Shop Gui. I’d really appreciate if you feedback about it!


It would be helpful if you answer these question along with your feedback!

  • What I could improve?
  • What could be changed?
  • How does it look overall?

Actually, your Item UI Shop is done really impressively.
Though I would like to suggest that your UI shop should have an informative wall that explains what the product does ones you press it. More like when you press, their is a description and information regarding the product that the player will purchase in-game.
Also, the color purple is not too recommendable to be honest, I perfer you make the color light green, light blue, or light yellow. Because the color purple alone isn’t looking very nice for the UI’s Shop appearance in my opinion.
In all, I appreciate your work and hope you apply this in your game.


It is classic but maybe add more design to the fireball picture like flames going up.

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Thanks for your feedback! I totally forgot about the description thingy! And I will change the colour of the GUI to blue and light blue. Your feedback really helped!

I know, there is a particle effect with the fireball. But the problem is, i used ViewportFrame and the particles didn’t show up. It’s just showing the ball. I’m still trying to find an alternative way. Thanks for the feedback!

I like the layout of your design, here’s some feedback.

The color scheme has way too many colors. And Damage, Duration, and Cost can all be the same color even.

Other than that, just keep your font’s to one and two and its a pretty good UI design!

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Looks quite nice, fair play mate!

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Thanks for your feedback! I decided to make the UI theme Blue.

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It looks great but make sure everything isn’t smudged up together

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I really like what it looks like, I think it could do with the text size decreasing and MAYBE the font could change. I also thing some of the colours are quite sharp, maybe a different hue of green etc.

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This is very nice, it’s a very unique design; I’ve never really seen something laid out like this before.

Great work so far! :slight_smile:

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It is very good and I have no complaints the only thing I can suggest is using UiGridLayout for that scrolling gui, you can learn more about it here UIGridLayout | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

But overall it is a great gui and keep up the good work.

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Thanks! I’m pretty much new to UI Designing and I don’t really know things about UiGridLayout. I’m still learning it and will add to the GUI soon!