[Feedback] Low-poly kitchen set

Hello there, I started building on roblox studio and made this low poly kitchen. Any feedback and improvements I can add? :smiley:


The set




Example put together

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It looks good try adding a oven as well as some knifes.

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I was thinking about an oven but added a microwave instead. Ill try and make an oven as well and I am thinking of knifes, forks, spoons, plates and stuff. Thx for your feedback.

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Cool kitchen set, one of the things you could change would be to add curves to the edges of the counters and the shelves. Also you could also add some knives in there as well but overall this is a good set and if you sell this for the right price and to the right person you would make a lot of money.

Looks really good! The microwave looks really squished and small, which isn’t obvious but just looks a little off. Apart from that, it looks really good! Good work.

I’m not really sure I tried making it low-poly that is why I kept it smooth. Thx for feedbacks tough.

It’s good you took time to but work into it!

Like what can I add please be more specific.

Looks awesome! If possible, try adding a pantry.


Currently, the does not look “low-poly”. To be specific, the term “low-poly” is an adjective used to describe something with a low amount of polygons, more specifically triangles but there are some minor exceptions. Here is an proper example.

Here is an example of a proper low-poly kitchen set.

The most prominent issue that has taken place in your builds is the objects appearing squashed. Compare the example I provided with your build back to back and the issue will become quite obvious.

In addition, the sink and more specifically the tap. Come on, that’s just lazy.

Is it just me or does that grill (bottom right) look really off?

It looks very good, however you may consider add some more things like:
- Coffee machine
- Tea kettle
- Oven
You also can add some more small kitchen accessories if that fits in low-poly like a knife rack, spice carousel and so on.

I view it not as low poly… but rather as low detail. No offence. I just think the lowpoly style of building has less sharp corners and more smooth edges.

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I’d add an oven because it’s standard in kitchens (put your range on that, or if you want a separate range it’s usually on an island). I’d align the cupboards so the top and bottom ones align the same on each end. The cupboard over the fridge should be even with it and the same width. The cupboard over the oven/stove would normally be a double door and align with it as well. Also it’s unusual to see a cupboard with a bottom handle (opens and flips up?), particularly in a standard home kitchen.

You should add a soap and some other stuff.