[FEEDBACK] Mining ship thing?

I made these somewhat low poly ships before and really never had a purpose to use them, I was trying to go for a miner type ship and I don’t know if it fits.

I got inspiration from galaxy but that was mainly it.

I want to add more stuff to this but don’t know what to add, any suggestions? (Sorry for bad quality of images)


Are you going to add onto this, do you have something in mind for a map of some sort?

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It seems perfect tho, i don’t think that you should add more. If you still wanna add more details then how about some windows?

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Hey there! Good job on working on these ships, I’d suggest creating some realistic lights at the front of ship, maybe at the sides too! Maybe you could utilize the use of beams too if you’d be up for it!

Also, if you didn’t know & would like to improve the quality of your screenshots in Roblox Studio, you can refer to this post for help if you want to!

Good luck, I look forward to seeing what you make to a further extent!

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I’m thinking of adding something onto this, and maybe I’ll make a map of sorts

Thanks man, I’ll try to make some lights for it. And the quality of the photos I’ll fix

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Alright, sounds good. Honestly, I would not adjust anything to the model, just focus on getting an inspiration build image that can help plan your overall project. Once you put everything together, you can always adjust the minor details afterwards.