Hi everyone!
This is my first post on the DevForum, and I was wondering if anybody could give me some feedback on my first GFX. I did it of myself and I used an already made woman body rig. I was having a lot of trouble with lighting and figuring out shadows. Getting the right camera angle was also very difficult. Does anybody know how to get the shadows to not be so choppy? If you look under my fedora you’ll see what I’m talking about.
Anyways, any feedback or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

Thanks! :relaxed:


Maybe add a floor cuz it looks like the character is just like standing in a void.


Greetings, I would like to give some feedback for you GFX.
First of all, your avatar looks good for the image, though might I suggest you apply a background for your GFX to make it’s appearance more attractive.
I would also recommend for you to add some lighting for your GFX when you applied a proper background for it.
Overall, I appreciate the quality of your GFX and it’s actually good-looking in my opinion.


Really normal GFX. But it’s still nice! I rate that a 7/10 and i would pay 250-750 robux for that.

Thanks for hearing my advice, hugsluv. Keep up with the good work!


Thank you for the feedback! I’ll be sure to have a better background for my next GFX. I’ll also experiment with HDRI lighting to give my GFX more a more realistic feel. :grin:

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Overall, this is very simple. There’s not much I can say but it is a normal render.

To fix your lighting issue, you could try and add point lights. Specifically, three point lighting. You can also use this method when adding an HDRI too.
Here’s a video introduction this concept and I think it’ll be great to know.


Three point lighting will 100% fix my issue and is such a great concept to know! The video was super helpful, thank you!

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Nice GFX! Keep improving you’re making amazing progress especially since this is your first one.

Some things to help improve your lighting is changing the location of the lamplight. Increasing or decreasing the lamp light power. Or use this tutorial on youtube to learn about 3 point lighting.

You can also improve your GFX by using an HDRI

You should also get paintdotnet. It’s a beneficial l program, and you could create some nice shadows on your GFX.
Like this…


With Shading (My editing on yours)

Step 1.

Apply the parts where there are shadows
Step 2.

Blur the markings.
Step 3.

Lower the transparency
Step 4.
Do Step 1-3 but with white for the side that has light.
Step 5.
Keeping adding more shadows and effects with the lighting until you are satisfied.

Final Product

(Not my best but this is the general idea)

So I recommend you get paintdotnet! Or perhaps even photoshop if you can afford that. It will help you in the long run in your GFX Career. :smile:


Great start! Here are a few things to add:

  • Use of HDRI for Lighting
  • A Background
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I would say make it a tiny bit brighter. Otherwise it’s great for your first GFX.


Nice GFX!
I recommend adding more detail to the character pose and the background, But it’s up to you!
Keep it up with the good work! :smiley:

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Wow, this is super helpful! Thank you for your feedback and also linking the HDRI tutorial!

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Looks great for a first timer keep it up and you will get better.

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Give it more shade and lighting details to make it look more realistic.

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Its alright for your first GFX, I would personally add more of a background.

The render looks good! It depends on what the group is, but typically GFX artists will apply extra limited faces or accesories to make the model look more visually appealing. In this case, something like the “troublemaker” face would definitely give the model more color and help it stand out more. I think that your positioning of limbs on the render is great, the arms are bent but the texture is not stretched. Additionally, I suggest using photoshop if you have it to apply a background, text, overlays, etc!

Hello, your GFX looks totally awesome!
I think some decorations(Text or shadow) can make your GFX even better.
Also adding more colors would be nice!