[Feedback] My first tank on ROBLOX Studio!


I am a new developer and I am new to the DevForum. This is my first post!

I have made a tank using NO meshes, just roblox studio parts, and using NO plugins. The tank is based on an M4 Sherman tank. Here are some pictures:


I am trying to make the tank look better. Some feedback would mean a lot to me!



This is very a very impressive tank model considering you made it inside roblox studio. The only things that I would recommend improving on are the curved parts, you could make them slightly smoother, and the decals, I know that there are only star decals but I think that you could change them to parts.

Overall, very impressed.


Good Job

This tank is really well done! I would definetly reccomend to add some color to it to make it look more lively. You could use basic military colors (grey, green, brown) or maybe the colors of America (blue, red, white) what would fit perfect to the stars on the tanks side.

Have fun trying out :smiley:


This tank has such a clean design, really great model! There is not really much that needs improving, however one thing you could try is just to experiment with using different materials on little parts, to give of a nice effect. Other then that, this first model is great!


Looks like a nice tank, great job! :+1:


Nice Build man keep up the great work

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Wii Play has a lot to live up to. This tank model is so detailed I thought it was from blender. It’s crazy you made this with Studio, I couldn’t even make a doughnut in Studio and that’s probably the first thing people make!

Honestly amazing work.


That looks amazing, great work!

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This looks clean and really cool. Keep up good work

I love looking at WW2 and several other wars, many of which Shermans were included in and I aspire to be a historian. Anyway, I hope not to sound too critical with this, It’s still good for your first tank build. These are simply tips if you plan to upgrade or possibly rebuild this in the future.

1 - Which type of the M4 Sherman is this? I’m assuming an M4A2, possibly an M4A3 with the 105mm Howitzer
2 - The turret and gun mantlet are much too small. The turret is pretty large on any variant of the M4 the turret is also pretty edgy, you should be able to do something with a sphere union to create a rounded part on top.
3 - Along with the Turret and mantlet, the gun is much too large if you’re going for an M4A2, but fine if you’re going for the M4A3 105.
4 - The tracks are quite thin, and it seems to be clipping into part of the track guard, the suspension is not accurate, check the image I’ve provided below.
5 - Machine guns are missing, most every M4 had a .50 cal Browning 1919 machine gun in a pintle mount on the back of the turret and a coaxial next to the main cannon. The bow gunner’s machine gun is awfully small and high up.
6 - Hatches: The hatches on the front seem awfully high off the hull, try lowering them, there is also only the commander’s cupola on the top of the turret, try adding the loader’s hatch as well.
7 - The cast part of the hull is pretty high up, it should be lower, and the pieces don’t go all the way up the tank.
8 - Road wheels are the only wheels on this tank. Where is the part to move the tracks?
9 - Try adding the gun stabilizer for extra detail
10 - It looks like you mixed a couple of different Sherman variants into one tank.
11 - Try adding some color such as olive green.
12 - Try adding the periscopes, that’s how the crew saw out of the tank during combat.

Picture for reference:

As I said, still very good for a tank build. I enjoy building tanks out of parts and don’t plan on ever using meshes. Make sure to keep on building!

Edits: Grammar and added a sentence.


For your first tank on ROBLOX, it’s amazing. The detail and realism of the tank is great! I am still skeptical of how you made this in studio itself. It looks like a Maya/Blender project.



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Thank you so much for this detailed feedback. I have read it through, and will be making these improvements.

Thank you!

(I don’t know the exact model of the M4 Sherman)

It’s no problem! As I said, I’m not trying to be harsh. I just really enjoy the time frame, and really love tanks. Especially the Sherman, happy building!

You pointed out quite a few things that nobody else probably would have, what you have pointed out will definitely help with the progress of this tank model. Very smart dude. :+1:

Thank you! As I said before, I love studying the area, and take pride in knowing what’s what when it comes down to it. Have a nice night!

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Thank you my dude, have a great night as well. :slight_smile:

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One word: Perfect! 11/10, I can’t imagine how much work this took you.

I would love to have that! Wish I could have those building abilities!

Looks great, I’m impressed! If you do end up giving it some color I suggest you upload some custom decals that make it feel as if it’s aged over some years, rust, grime, etc

The details you’ve done on this is great you probably spent a lot of time on this. Curious to see how the tank is when it’s finished