Feedback of my spin-off of the new Studio logo

Hey there, I decided to make a spin-off of the new Studio logo and I wanted to get your feedback. Also I would like to know if you’d rather see Roblox use this icon for Studio. [this was kinda made in 3 minutes so it is a bit rushed].

Original announcement post: Introducing Our New Studio Logo!

If you wanted it 3D for whatever reason, here is a quick preview in 3D Builder.

Also here is a mock-up of the Studio splash screen with the 3D logo.


Made a little updated version with a different colour palette:


In my opinion I would change the gradient to a much lighter blue, and maybe add a little bit of shading to make the icon pop out.

Other than that it looks good. Well done!


Yeah I agree about changing it to a lighter blue, was trying to experiment quickly [was drawing this for a YouTube video discussing my opinions about the new Studio icon].

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It feels better than the one now in my opinion. It’s a bit sleeker and more modern than the other one. I really like how you did the whole thing overall, so good job to you!

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Thank you, I personally do believe that this icon is pretty comparable to it however there are definitely major differences to the current logo such as the gradient has different colours and the whole shape has rounded corners compared to what we currently have.

Just if anyone is interested, here is some of the other colour schemes I attempted.

Can’t really notice a gradient in this next one

Slightly lighter at the other end of the gradient [similar to one above]


Just added a 3D version if you imported it into Microsoft’s 3D builder program.


Bro, I’d prefer this than the current studio logo xD
Well done!


Thank you, I think I might have to make an .ico file for this if people genuinely wanted this icon on the desktop [if Roblox Studio doesn’t replace the icon after every single update].


The spin-off logo of roblox studio looks really good! I like the 3D one! :grinning:


Thank you, I did export the 3D logo but I can tell that there is corners that aren’t that smooth, probably need to export the SVG from Inkscape at a higher resolution

A mock up of the Studio splash screen with the 3D logo.



Here is a comparison between the two logos if any of you guys want to see this.

RobloxStudioLauncherBeta_2-3 v Roblox Studio Logo

You can definitely notice that the colour scheme is nowhere near the current logo, I will probably edit the colour scheme to be lighter.

Pretty good! Like you said though @GamersInternational I think the logo needs to be a lighter blue.

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Colour palette much more similar to the one in the Studio icon now

Updated version:

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Can I have another side-by-side?



[My original one] v


[Current logo] v

[My updated version]

@james_mc98 is this now light enough?


Here’s it as an icon file if you want to use it as an icon !

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Bro, this is AMAZING. The amount of talent you have is insane. This is such a good logo, and I love how round and clean the logo is. Great Job! :grinning: