Introducing Our New Studio Logo!


In early 2019, we reshaped Roblox’s product branding in order to elevate our platform’s content—making the color and design of the logo more neutral helped shift emphasis away from the brand and towards the experiences on the platform.

Now, we’re refreshing the Studio logo and bringing a touch of those ideas into the new design, reinforcing what our platform is all about!


New Design

Our previous Studio logo design echoed the Roblox App logo while visually distinguishing itself and addressing accessibility for color-blind users. With the refresh of the logo, we wanted to give its design more purpose.

Roblox Studio is about building amazing experiences! The two pieces of the logo represent the connection, collaboration, and building of our community. And a pareidolia effect is created from the combined shapes, resulting in the perception of an “S” for “Studio”.


From the Studio logo’s structural elements to the Roblox vision philosophy of bringing the world together through play, we hope these updates help to embody those values and passions we know our creators have!

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I’d probably like the new logo more if it was flat instead of having a gradient on it, as it ruins the consistency of the Roblox pages(i.e. everything on Roblox is flat, not 3D, this also applies to the Developer Forum). As of now I prefer the old logo.


The new logo looks more aesthetic and modern for sure, but I still prefer the old one. I just got used to it. Good job on the new logo, it looks good to me. But, the lines that are coming from the center look weird, and the color seems a little bit off.
I understand that it has a gradient on it because the Roblox logo has a gradient too. If the gradient is going to stay, I think making the color slightly deeper will make it look better.


Okay, this is very cool! This gives a much more modern style to it! One thing I noticed is that the word “Developer” in the new logo is much thinner than the original logo’s text.


To this:

Cool update to the logo! Keep up the great work ROBLOX! :smiley:


The logo looks nice by itself, but when it’s sitting in your taskbar among other icons, it looks a bit strange. For one thing, most icons are moving in the material, flat-shading direction in an attempt to modernize, but here it’s the opposite way, which is fine if done correctly. The only thing it matches Studio’s icon right now is the Roblox App icon, which is also gradient.


Also, for small icons like this, the split in the middle is barely visible. Personally, I feel like more space at that split would improve it and make that pareidolia effect more clearly resemble an “S” (which I initially never noticed).

Overall, it seems really nice, but it’s that kind of that would take a considerable amount of time to get used to.


Honestly, I really don’t like this one. I don’t really see the “S” unless im directly looking for the shape. I also don’t like the gradient, it is over-the-top in my opinion, and the logo now looks completely different from the normal ROBLOX player logo. The old logo definately looked a lot better, but I guess we will go along with it as usual, haha.


I’m not too sure what to think of this. Don’t get me wrong, the logo looks nice. However, I feel that its more futuristic design doesn’t go well with a program whose format hasn’t really changed in what I believe has been 7-8 years.

I’m not saying that I could do a better job, of course. I’m just a user of the program. But it would be nice to see some layout changes to fit this futuristic look better.

All in all, great job to the team who created the logo!


Lol @AstroCode you were right about it!

I had a little conversation about this on Discord. I absolutely hate the gradient. It looks cool on the splash screens, but reductions and plane representations really make it look bad. It isn’t like you will revert this, just sharing my opinion. Gradients are outdated and minimalism style is what you should try to do if you want a brand to look “modern”.

Neumorphism is also bad on logos, so don’t do that either


Does this mean we’re getting a logo re-design for the Roblox Player aswell? If so, great. In my opinion, it should be changed to red like before, the current color just makes it seem depressing and boring. I like the new logo though! Here’s what I think the Roblox Player logo could look like if they did the same redesign:
Also, it seems like the DevForum just implemented this change too. Also, there’s a bug with the Roblox Launcher. The logo is off-center. I thought since we’re talking about logos here, I should mention that.
Overall, great change. A logo re-design was due right about now, and it seems like we got just that.

EDIT: I changed the logo via a program called Resource Hacker, and it looks pretty good:


I wish there was more consistency between the new Studio and the normal Roblox logo, but personally I quite like the new design. I think it looks much more modern and refined - and definitely a lot fancier. Thank you Roblox.


I love that the logo is continuously being improved to make a great experience/visual appeal for others. However, I feel as though this new logo does not generally match the current, regular Roblox logo. Along with this, the gradient/glow on the new logo does not look the best in my opinion. I’d love to hear other peoples opinions on this though!

I definitely am in love with the new backdrop for studio, however, and congratulations to any games that are featured on it!


I love the new logo update! Especially the gradient and the pareidolia effect!

I do understand that some people don’t like the logo change, since they’re not used to it. But give it time and I’m sure they won’t mind them.

I also do understand their point that this change is unnecessary, but this change could possibly appeal to young and modern robloxians and start creating their own games more.

Also, will you guys start working on the Create tab layout? It’s not dark-mode compatible yet.

You’re doing wonders, Roblox! :smile:


The reformation of this logo is absolutely amazing. Not only does it have a more detailed aspect to itself, but it also maintains a resemblance to the old one. You’ve done a wonderful job on this roblox.

Although I cannot forget about the old logo, as I have seen it on so many occasions.


is there going to be an update to the marketing materials article Marketing Materials


I definitely like the new logo, it looks way more modern and definitely gives Roblox Studio a great impression for first-time users, welcoming them to a modern platform. I have also used studio over many years and this was a needed change and improvement.

All I’m waiting for is dark background on the startup!


I love the S resemblance! It’s gonna take me a while to get used to, but I love this!


Wow, this looks sleek and amazing! I honestly think this is an awesome logo and is a great upgrade! I like how this also came with the new looks of opening studio, which also looks sleek! Keep up the great work, Roblox!


I don’t mind it! Will take me a while to get used to, but i’m all for change and it matches the main logo too.


I like this logo a lot more actually! It does seem a little out of place with the gradient that the regular Roblox client logo doesn’t have though. Perhaps that will be updated too?