Feedback on 3rd Personal Artwork!

Hello! This is my third personal art to kind of help build up my GFX Commissions portfolio! The time took on this was around 3 hours, 2 hours for rendering, and 1 hour of editing.

Thumbnail I’ve Made:

Thanks for reading!! Feedback and criticism are much appreciated as I’m still improving!!


That looks nice. :smiley:
The only critique I got for you is the color between the background and foreground kind of clashes for the white space.

Like the helmet, the tree, and the fence at the background?

Pick a darker color for the character will separate that difference.
Also the grass could use some work with some motion, because of the leaves. That tells me that there is wind.

What is your portfolio? :smiley:

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The thumbnail looks amazing! The only suggestion that I think you need is to tone down the lighting, since it’s very bright and hard to see. And in the future adding other background objects would be nice too, such as trees, I’m not entirely sure if those are trees in the background because of the lighting.

Other than that great work, and I hoped this helped. :smile:

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Thank you so much! I know, I saw it was too bright. I tried lowering the contrast down a bit, but it didn’t look the best! In the rendering process, I’ll be aware of that next time!!!

It has too much brightness. Try toning down the curve. Also you can try using this guide I made.

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Looks cool but start using textures for the house! Also it seems a bit bright! Look fire tho!

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