Feedback on a game Icon I made recently

Hey developers!

I’m a pretty new GFX designer and I am kinda new to DevForum as well. I have recently made an Icon for an upcoming game. I’d love your feedback about it. Is it worth for selling? If yes, how much robux would be good in your opinion! Feel free to tell me anything!

(Had to put a watermark so no one can use it without permission/credit)

If this GFX is worth of selling, or if you ever want to hire me - there is every detail about me in my portfolio: 0BluExactlyz | GFX Designer | OPEN

Thank you for using your valuable time on reading this! Any feedback is appereciated! :blue_heart:



I really like your GFX it looks great! A thing that I’d maybe change is the background (top right) you could maybe add something cool there like a planet or so.

If I were you I’d add a way larger watermark as the one right now is really small and people could still steal it. Additionally to what you said about selling it, I’d probably go anywhere from 300-1k robux. I think 300 robux is a pretty fair price for smaller group and more than 500 robux is more like for a bit larger groups. I wouldn’t go any cheaper though because you’ve spent hard time creating it and it shouldn’t get sold for that cheap.
You need to know though that you can’t just sell something random instead you should take orders and make GFX for them.

I think it looks great and I hope this helped you!

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There is too much going on in this icon. You want to keep your icons as simple as possible. I would remove the weird dot effect from your logo, and blur the background

The owner of the game told me to use that logo and yeah, I’ll fix the background

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Thanks for your kind feedback! I’ll fix the background


Ah okay, in that case try to make the logo easier to make out so that people can recognize it easily. Dot effect kind of makes it hard to read but


This “solution” is just a bump in the road for thieves and nothing else. With just basic Photoshopping skills, you can easily paint out the watermark.

My solution: pixelate the artwork where the quality is not too bad but also not your highest quality. That way you’re still able to receive feedback but also defend your work against thieves.

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