Feedback on a game map

Here it is. Tear it up! It’s meant to be useful rather than pretty, but the color choices aren’t terribly bad IMO. What do you guys think? What could be better?

It is quite huge. I probably need to settle on a size reference now. I would guess it’s probably around the size of Just Cause 2’s map. Should be interesting rendered in ROBLOX :wink:

My next step is to add landmarks, cities, and trails. After that I’ll finalize it and break it into regions that are suitable for 50 players total; each server will run a region.


I think it’s a little early to have us critique it. We haven’t seen anything about this game much less how it plays and what’s valuable gameplay wise.

Mostly looking for things like “this area is too empty” or “these mountains aren’t believable enough.” Just the map itself.

Ideas are also welcome. Trying to think of interesting features…

It really is difficult when we don’t have game pics.

But for ideas? It’d totally make a rocky area in the sea covered by sharp rocks with the center being a volcano that you enter through a cave that opens out to the sea, to get in you need to fight volcanic theme enemies and avoid the hot lava.

See, that’s what I was looking for. Game design will follow!

It also would have been valid to remind me that trees exist.

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I also want to mention that smooth terrain eats low end PCs for breakfast. Use triangles if possible. It’ll be easier to things like LOD with them as well.

You should totally add collectibles in each area that boost your stats in some special small way. Incentive to explore everything :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m not using ROBLOX terrain at all. Probably triangle terrain + handbuilt modular pieces. Still deciding…

I’d use custom made. Modular is so limiting.

Also if you really wanna step up your game you could use a triangle terrain molder. I created a plugin for just such the occasion a while ago.

Here, I don’t know if this 2 year old abomination still works, though:

Modular doesn’t need to be limiting. Grid-aligned definitely is limiting.

Too much water
loljk I had to

What would be cool, is if the island was the shape of a dragon… but that’s an aside lol
I think you should color some areas differently to represent different biomes. You could add a swamp, a desert, tallgrass praries, etc. Because what’s presented in OP doesn’t really have much variety in setting so everywhere would look more or less the same… grassland, forest, mountain, beach, snowy mountaintop?..


Oh but yeah, I’m totally down for biomes. I’m not sure I’ll represent it directly in this though. Maybe I’ll use a blend layer. Bah! I like the ideas though! The top-right of the map is going to be pretty cold and that’s not really shown as is.

Updated the OP with the new map, btw. Includes some biome tinting. Is that enough to be meaningful?

The peninsula of Port City (especially the tip where the forest is) reminds me of Final Fantasy a lot for some reason.

I notice the island in between Port City and City 2 doesn’t have a label. Is it going to be used for anything? Also, the road from Northern Hills/Sawmill to Elf City seems pretty desolate up in the unforested area. Might be nice to add a small inn or something along the way.

Good input. I think we’ll probably put a lot of villages along the way, but they’re too small and numerous for the map.

The island between port city and city2 is going to be Tutorial Island. :wink:

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Here’s the regions map. Each region is sized for an ideal density of 50 players.

Some of them look a lot more dense than they should be; the biggest ones are capped more by geographical expanse. Can’t be extending too far from the origin!

Was this created in an image editing program and ported to roblox, or was this created in roblox and ported to an image editing program?

One of the things I have wanted to do for a long time is create a 2DArrayToBitmap utility for the purpose of creating overhead maps that are pixel perfect representations of the world.

Why not raycast down instead for some more accurate and dynamic maps? It seems like it’s feasible.

I like it
Can’t point out why, but it fits whatever definition of good map I can think of
“Valley of fertility” with the mountains + bay is really good

The cities seem really small to me in comparison to the other things - e.g. the port village. You can fit city1, city2, and port city inside the port village and still have space left over. I think the cities should be a bit larger.

Text is way too hard to read, in my opinion. I’d recommend making it stand out more.

Other than that, it looks interesting and I think people will have fun playing it. If you’re going for large-scale though, make sure you do something like World of Warcraft where you can quick-travel to places you’ve been to before. Having to walk across a huge map is a pain in the ass.

GUI objects aren’t exactly lightweight when you get into large numbers of them. 70x70 is 4900 objects. EDIT: not to mention 4900 raycasts. That’s why I want to render the maps beforehand.