Feedback on a Japanese "Yari"

Hi there! My name is matthewthecowboy. I’ve recently modeled and textured this “Jumonji Yari” as a showcase piece for a portfolio (it’s not for roblox, but i believe it can be imported into roblox). I have tried to make the weapon resemble its real-life counterpart, but I’ve also added my own custom touches to the weapon. I textured it in Substance Painter and modeled it in Blender.

I’d really appreciate some constructive criticism on the weapon!

New Textures

Old textures


Both the new and old textures look really nice.

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Looks cool 8/10. Might be good for anime games maybe.

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Thanks for the feedback! Is there anything I could improve, perhaps? (Do note that this is not aimed for any roblox game, and is simply a showcase piece)