Feedback on a new strategy game!

Potential: A new Upcooming Strategy Game on Roblox

Ever wanted to build your country? Every wanted to choose your own rules, military corps and see your nation march for you? Well, if the answer is yes you can stop dreaming of it, Potential is cooming!
First of all let me introduce us, we are Actual Studios and today we are announcing the first playable version of our new upcooming release Potential which is currently stable at Alpha 0.1.5;

Lore and Explanation

In our game you are able to start your own country in first place by choosing it’s name, government form and even the flag! Did I mention that you can even create your own military corps and customize their uniform? Oh, you can also see all of your Regiments March just by the press of a button. Do not forget about factories and resources, keep your resources high to have a better chance of winning wars! And why not researching new stuff to be the first nation in the world, just tap your desidered research and you are good to go, well almost: gain research points by building and running factories.

In-deep Explanation

I’ll now explain in deep the main features of our game, this is extra stuff for curious peoples.

Military System

Our military system works by letting you create (for now) up to three regiments, you can choose their name and instantly after that you will be able to customize their uniform which for now is limited to Arms Patchs with your own flag and Torso Patchs but in future you will be able to choose their belt / equipment and even their mimetic.

Resources System

The resources system in Potential is as easy as it sounds: open the Resources tab and press the big “+” button, choose a name and a factory type, (steel, computer parts, plants) and press create. Building factories will take some of your resources tho, so if you want a high production remember to keep it equalized. By building factories you will gain the resources of the factory type along with some research points. When you conquest a nation on the War tab their factory will appear on your Resources tab with the name of “Allied Factory” along with the Type, and they will produce too.


  • Actual Studios Corporation - Publisher
  • SloppyBelloMigliore1 - Lead Programmer, UI Designer.
  • ChamelDB - Lead Builder and Modeller.

Anyone who didn’t recive credit please tell us in a reply and provide proof.


Join the game and give us any sort of feedback. We thank you for reading this post and hope that you will like our game. This post will be update at the release of Beta. (0.2.0) along with the Update Log. Keep in mind that the game is not even close to the finished version and there are still bugs and glitches that we are trying to fix.


My Experiance /
Whilst I only had 5 minutes spare to check the game out I would highly recommend the ui to be simplified and given that the player is thrown straight into the ui without any concept or idea on how to play the game felt overwhelming also when selecting the flag the colour selector to a normal player without coding knowledge would have no idea that the values can only go up-to 255 on the(R,G,B) scale the gameplay was abrupt and felt that it was lacking direction the player had no idea as to why they are in the compound I would also recommend a better loading screen as the grey screen was a bit dull for content in which the game is displaying I also was able bug the game out by simply selecting finalize without any customization as the player was left floating in mid air, I think players would also appreciate some default flags to choose from rather then being forced to customizing their own flag
Things To Inprove:
What I Liked |

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Thanks for checking out our experience and I will definitly improve what you menitioned. As I said we are still working on it and we will improve everything. That’s why we asked for feedback.

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The point is, for example the game “Make your own army”, it’s wacky, strategic and simple to play! But once you get the politics and governments or parties, with scientific researches and everything, man, it’ll just make the game overly complicated.
Rise of nations is more of a intellectual game, that mainly focus on numbers.
You gotta know what you want, cause having as much as you can isn’t gonna be too appealing

Honestly I don’t think that Rise of Nations is a comparsion you can make as it is a completly different concept. Rise Of Nations focuses on the government and conquest of already existing countries while our games focueses on making your own country which is a completly different concept.

I hope I clarified your doubts and concerns. Have a nice day.

Just updated the game.

  • + Storyline which explains the game. (as suggested by @EffilnuC)
  • + Visible Factories
  • + Flag Presets (as suggested by @EffilnuC)
  • + Bug Fixes
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I don’t see anything to do…

What did I break to make this happen? I rejoined and reset but neither worked

My Experience mk2 /
Thanks for updating the game with the improvements stated above this did improve the overall experience from the get-go however…
I came across several issues which unfortunately made the experience unplayable.
UI |
I also would like to say that I appreciate the default options for flags defiantly improves the playability of the game however some other issues still persisted such as being able to open multiple menus overlapping menus that makes the ui hard to navigate/use.
I felt that the ui was a bit square and lacked stylized designs such as rounded corners for some ui elements or simply adding a ui stroke to give the ui element depth was needed
Storyline |
whilst implementing a reason for the player being at base did make the game more enjoyable it felt really long and I feel that would discourage players to continue playing possibly a short cutscene would be more suited for this type of experience and allowing the player to progress the storyline when their ready rather then it being continuous and forced
Bugs/Other |

  • I was also able to break the game entirely by starting a parade then resetting my character
  • Overlapping UI
    Things I Liked |
    -The Default Flags That Were Added
    -The Storyline

Well, my experience in the game and my opinion are:
When i started i just copied the flag of my country and something got me pretty confused,when you have to select things like for example, the Nation type/Government when you select something the button keeps saying “DROPDOWN” which made me think that the game glitched but then i realized that was how it works, then i just made tons of factories, and the best thing i did!
Creating an 1,400+ troops army to oof other countries, i really liked that but it could be better,like for example that you get teleported to an battlefield or something like that and have to fight with your troops, but i still think it’s nice.
This game has a great concept! But it needs some bug fixes, for example: When i was playing the game and almost had 1,500 soldiers i just wanted (Don’t ask me why because i don’t know) to reset my charecter, when i respawned i was in the void, but i couldn’t enter where i was supposed to be and welp, i reseted again an all of the Ui’s dissappeared, and that led me to need to close the game.
Also,the tutorial only appeared after i finished making my flag and clicked the “Finalize” button.

Another one is that i could investigate things that needed a lot of points before the first ones(Ex:Investigating Army Improvents IIII before I).
And the last one i found: The second time i tried playing i didnt get teleported to the country and stayed in the place where you are meant to only choose the Country type.
In resume:
Fix bugs
Good luck and kepp up the work! :grinning:


Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback. Of course we are gonna fix all the bugs and try to give the best player experience possibile. From your point of view, how could we made the “dropdown” button more explicit? Thanks again for dedicating your time to us.

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Thanks for letting me know about the glitch of the parade, could you be more specific on what happend? After the parade ended the game continued to function or it broke completly? Thanks again for checking the game out!

First of all sorry for the late response, I think that we were developing during that release and maybe the game glitched. I can assure you that now everything is fine. I hope you’ll check it out and let us know what do you think. Have a great day!

Game just updated!

Thanks to your feedbacks we were able to fix alot of glitches! Starting with @EffilnuC which gave us lots of important suggestions such as pre-built flags and a storyline. Those two were added recently into the game but we changed the storyline today making it some sort of tutorial while still keeping the storyline concept. We also fixed the overlapping gui which was causing alot of pain in some users. Full update log under here.


With the introduction of this snapshot the following things were introduced:

  • Reworked the Tutorial making it more easy.
  • Added tech factory model.
  • Fixed overlapping gui glitchs.
  • Minor bug fixes.

You guys may continue to test the game while we develop it and give us any sort of feedback or criticism. Remember that once we finish updating the game and it comes to a stable beta we will close this thread and post the devlog.

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I liked everything that got fixed/improved, and i think that this update was nice.
But i found another bug or well… I don’t know if it was on purpose or a bug, but basically after i beat every single country my “Military” Ui dissappeared, but i could still fight with other countries which led to the next thing: -524 soldiers.
Possible improvements
Just for future updates, i would recommend adding/improving things like, for example:

Being able to get a color palette instead of inserting the RGB number
it’s kind of annoying if you don’t even understand what does RGB mean and would help people who really want to customize their flag.
Being able to customize the flag with more things than colors
For example, a system in that you input the ID of an image and it gets copied into the center of the flag, or just more options of customization.
Improve army creating?
I don’t want to annoy anyone, those are just some things that would feel pretty nice to have in FUTURE updates.
Maybe to create an army you would need an X amount of materials (Ex: 150 Steel, 50 Food)
And that when you create soldiers you can select how many you can create and every time an amount gets added, the amount of food needed rises.

Welp, that is everything i have to say, don’t give up and continue! :grinning:

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Thanks for replying. That’s a nice concept and I we will note and remember to insert it. Also the thing with the Military wasn’t intended and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for checking out the game again and I really apppreciate your feedback.

New game update!

Thanks to your feedbacks we were able to fix alot of glitches! One of the most important feedback was given by @Cristinoboga and it was to add Color Pickers (Palette) to help players choose their flag colours, it was implemented today and it works like a charm. Also we fixed the annoying training panel dropdown which was overlapping with the panel and made that when you train troops the “Troops: {amount}” label updates itself.


With the release of this snapshot the following features and fixes were introduced:

  • Fixed the Training Panel Overlapping Dropdown.
  • Made that the Troops label in the training panel updates automaticly.
  • Implemented the Color Picker which now replaces the three textboxes where you woud input the RGB values.
  • Minor bugs fixes.

I would like to menition that the reported glitch of begin able to research a thing before another will be fixed as soon as possible, maybe in the next snapshot.

You guys may continue to test the game while we develop it and give us any sort of feedback or criticism. Remember that once we finish updating the game and it comes to a stable beta we will close this thread and post the devlog.

Also if you wanna be tagged when new update come out just say “Tag me please” in your post.


After the cutscene is finished the camera fails to return to the players point of view!

Hello again!
it’s great to now have a color palette, it makes selecting a color a lot easier.
I just want to inform that there are some things that can still be fixed/improved in your game! I will give some examples of what i found to help.

Well, there is a little strange thing:
Captura de pantalla (18)

As you can see, in the cinematic the soldiers have the flag of their country in their arms.

But the soldiers here have an Ukranian flag… Not the biggest thing in the world but it would feel nice to improve it.

Ui cloning?
When i click on the War Ui, then click the “Choose Regiment” button over and over again this happens.
Captura de pantalla (21)
For some reason when i do this the brigades copy themselves.
Factory name bug?
Well, this one happens if i click the “Create” button without writing anything in the Name textbox.
Captura de pantalla (19)
As you can see, it just says FactoryName (E).
Maybe you could make a system in that if the player doesn’t write anything the factory cannot be created.
Slight Ui problem
So, basically what happens here is that the nation name collides with the nation type text, and this is what happens:
Captura de pantalla (20)
It would look a little better if you move the “Nation type” text so it doesn’t collide with the Nation name.

That is everything i found to help!
Good luck fixing or improving these things, and never lose motivation!

Thanks for checking out the game! I really appreciate again your feedback and we will for sure fix those bugs. The factory glitch was patched a while ago but apperently it came back.

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New game snapshot!

Thanks to your feedbacks we were able to fix alot of glitches! One of the most important feedback was given by @Cristinoboga. Check out the log for more info!


With the release of this snapshot the following features and fixes were introduced:

  • Made that every soldier even while in the compound has their nation flag.
  • Fixed the “untitled” factory glitch.
  • Fixed the UI Cloning Glitch.
  • Fixed the UI colliding.
  • Added a line of soldiers that every 120 seconds marches trough the base.
  • Minor bugs fixes.

You guys may continue to test the game while we develop it and give us any sort of feedback or criticism. Remember that once we finish updating the game and it comes to a stable beta we will close this thread and post the devlog.

Also if you wanna be tagged when new update come out just say “Tag me please” in your post.

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