Feedback on a Procedural Island Generator

I have made a procedural island generator. So far it only does terrain, but I’m going to add things like trees, bushes, and rocks to it soon. To make this, I followed some tutorials from Sebastian Lague on YouTube. Here are a few pictures of some islands I’ve generated:

You can try it here:

To generate a new island, press the Regenerate button in the top left corner.


This is pretty cool. It would save a lot of people trying to make terrain but also kill other terrain makers’ business. This would be cooler as a plugin though

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Very interesting, its an pretty cool idea, making this as an plugin would be pretty useful for builders. As Luxorz said before me, yeah, this would be cooler as a plugin though.

It’s really nice, although I can see that materials are based on height. If it isn’t based on height and has some variation it would be better. Anyway, great job!

Thanks! I was planning on making it into a game. I probably won’t make it a plugin, but I might if I don’t end up using it for something else.

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I’m not sure why youd want it for a game unless its like “design your own island” or something like that, but imo it’d be much better as a plugin and i know a lot of devs who need/want something like this

Yeah, it’s based on height and some variation too. I might make it have more variation because ithe materials look pretty flat. But when it has trees and biomes it might not be that noticable.

Looks nice and it’s really cool! If it would be a plugin, I would use it. Would be useful for building.

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