Feedback on a puzzle/platformer mix with a unique twist

One year ago, I posted this topic about a puzzle/obby game I had been working on, but I took a long break from it shortly after.

I’ve improved my skills a lot since, and recently started working on it again. I decided to add a new mechanic that would take it in a new direction. The story (so far) is that you’re testing a new device that allows its user to travel across dimensions. You need to travel back and forth to traverse obstacles and solve puzzles.

There are currently only 11 levels floors, but many more are to come. I have lore and a lot more of a story that I plan to add in the future as well.

I’d really appreciate any feedback or issues anyone has. You can check out the current state of it here:


Thanks for reading.



  • Added two new floors introducing two new mechanics
  • Increased light brightness when device is in use so things are easier to see in other dimensions
  • Converted all unions to meshes and parts
  • Fixed a bug where some buttons wouldn’t work
  • Fixed a rare bug where elevator doors would not close, making the floor unplayable