Elevator: A Singleplayer Puzzle/Obby Game


Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on a singleplayer game centered around an elevator. Your goal is to solve puzzles and traverse through obstacles to activate buttons. These buttons will open the elevator doors and allow you to progress to the next floor.

I’ve been developing this solo, and as a first game (at least first “game” that isn’t free model spam), it’s really helped me get a grasp of how Studio works.


Anyway, I wanted to ask everyone for some (probably much-needed) feedback, and also get thoughts on whether or not I should release it yet or not.

Thanks for reading!

Is this a good concept for a game?
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Should I release this now, or keep working on it?
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  • Keep working on it

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I would recommend inviting friends to play test then do an open testing then start the release process with advertising on socials and stuff. If you’re just doing it for the laughs, then why not release it? If it’s not very good than you learn from your mistakes and keep going.

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  1. Buttons; These must be activated by the player. They must be triggered in order (left to right in the photo), with the white button opening the elevator (No, the levels normally won’t have all of them).

  2. Floor buttons; These do the same thing as normal buttons, but they must be triggered by moveable parts (8).

  3. Killparts; These simply kill the player upon contact.

  4. Trampolines; These will bounce the player upon contact.

  5. Sticky parts; These prevent the player from jumping whilst they are standing on them.

  6. Damage parts; These slowly damage the player (The pink parts to the left heal them so the player doesn’t have to wait around for a while).

  7. Conveyors; These move the player and anything else on them in the direction of the arrows.

  8. Moveable parts; These can be pushed by the player to help work around obstacles or to activate floor buttons (2).

If anyone has any feedback on the obstacles or any obstacle/level ideas, I’d really appreciate it!

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This is a great job!

The main idea is very good, but I got a few questions, first why am I in the elevator? Add some Lore as it’s Single-Player… also, you can add for example multiple paths, like multiple elevators or choices like to help someone or not, which will change the final outcome… because there is a final outcome… right?

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Thanks for your suggestions!

I didn’t think about adding multiple paths, so thank you for bringing that up. I’ll look into that. As for lore, do you think it would be better if the player starts out knowing nothing but slowly learns things as the game continues?

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Yes, it can be very interesting, but give a little info at the start, not too much tho, so the Player kinda knows something

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Camera to give the player the sense that they’re being watched


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