Feedback on a Shirt

So I made Shirt For Developers i am not Good at making Clothes

Here is the link


Both shirt and pants look pretty epic, I have got nothing to say! Amazing work!

Hey! If you are looking to improve your skills in designing, I can help.

The shading needs some work and isn’t at its best, but the design is decent. If that is your first try, that is a great first try!

Have a look at this: [OPEN] Offering My Services As A Clothing Design Mentor/ Teacher

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I like the creativity you put in, but when I open up your shirt for example, I see the blue lines on the corners of the arms and waist. Is it normal for the shirt?

The Problem iS The Thing That When i delete The Torso Arm THings on template It still on it Its the problem
Its my template problem

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