Feedback on a TD Game!

Hi, it’s been a while since we asked for feedback. Our last post about this game was about 4 months ago: (Feedback on a game!)

We would like to know if we’ve addresses these concerns and if there are different, new things you would like to see in the game. Thanks!

Game link: ❄ CHRISTMAS ⛄ Mage Defenders - Roblox

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Little hard to use Classic ThumbStick because of Twitter button.

Device: Huawei p40 lite

Didn’t realize that thanks for letting me know.

My first impressions are, I liked the simplicity of actually playing the game. Usually TD games would require Queues, or finding the specific place you need to stand on or whatever. But you have a nice UI going on, and it’s very easy to understand. The rest of the gameplay is also nice. Well done.

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