Feedback on an AK47 model

I made an AK-47 model and i wanted to showcase it, all feedbacks are appreciated.

The metal texture is completely procedural. The wood texture is a photo from the internet with some bump and a black-white photo of the same wood texture as a roughness map.


Wow, that’s really nice! I don’t have to much to say on it, looks pretty amazing. Are you planning on putting it in a game?

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Well, this was for an exercise. So i am not going to put it in a game.

Also, many game engines does not recognize procedural things.

Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it.


That is pretty cool! :sunglasses:

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I thought the image was of a real AK47. Great job! :clap: :clap:

Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you like it :happy1:

That’s an accurate AK-47 I see there. Very well done modeled

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Thanks dude! It took me total of 3 hours to model and texture completely.

3 hours? Seems like a speedrun modelling for me lmao

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It did not… 3 hours for that? I refuse to believe it :joy:

Great job though, very intricate and well put together. :+1: The wood is fine but I believe it should be a little more contrasted, maybe darker so you can see that wood texture a little more.

Thanks for your feedback! I will try to fix the wood. I also noticed that it looks a bit strange.

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