Feedback On Artwork

I’m Elise. A Roblox graphics artist who loves to draw.
I’ve been drawing since I was a little.
After years of drawing with a pencil on paper, I’ve been moving on to digital art.
A few months ago, I started drawing (2D) profile pictures, and I have been trying to improve my skills every single day.
I’ve got a few examples of profile pictures I created, and would appreciate it if anyone could give me some feedback!
Here are some examples:
(The drawing are set up in chronological order, so drawing 4 is my most recent one.)

1st Drawing

2nd Drawing

3rd Drawing

4th Drawing

Thanks in advance!
(Also, I’m not ready to do commissions yet.)


Hey they’re pretty cool!! I like these a lot, they seem super cute.

In terms of how you could improve, the thing that annoys me the most is the white around the text of your signature. To get rid of this, you could do the text on a transparent background and then copy and paste it over.


Alright. Thankyou!
I’ll keep that in mind.

Brilliant! Would definitely pay for something like these.


Wow! By far some of the best drawings I’ve seen. Your style is exactly what I was looking for! Do you do commissions?


Thanku! Really kind of you.
I don’t do commissions yet due an in real life thing which will take a lot of time out of my schedule.
So I’m sorry about that.

Fantastic work! By looking at each drawing, you can really tell that you’ve improved your skills over time. In particular, I really like the more dynamic line weight and finer background design in the fourth drawing. The way you’ve incorporated the character’s flower into the background is also very nice.

Perspective Drawing

If I were to suggest something you could possibly work on, I think perspective drawing might be an area to look at. While there isn’t a lot of perspective in drawings 3 and 4, the perspective in the 1st and 2nd drawings seems to be slightly off in some areas.

I think this is most noticeable on the left shoulder of the 2nd character, where the perspective of the arm doesn’t quite seem to match the perspective of the torso, making the arm appear as though it’s sitting in front of the torso.


Your work is fantastic and the perspective in your drawings in general is actually very good. If you’re looking for an area to work on though, I think perspective drawing is something you could become even better at.

Keep up the awesome work, @EliseCx3!


I like it but it’s simple and it’s very bright and it’s computer art.I take art classes in my school and I’m getting very good at it.I say it’s to bright and just simple.Not to detailed but ok for roblox.I say your doing good but keep practicing.

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Love it, this is my favorite style of art as well. Looking forward to seeing more of your designs! Do you know when or if you’ll start doing commissions?

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Thanku for the kind words!
I do not know when to start commissions het due in real life things which fill up my schedule, so I’m sorry about that.

Thanku for the Nice feedback.
I’ll keep this in mind!
It was the first time drawing in 3D for me and I realised that it is not really my style, so I moved on with it.
The last drawing will be my current style since it’s imo my best drawing.

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I like the most the 2nd drawing, very good drawings!


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I really enjoy these drawings! I only saw one flaw. In my opinion the white outline around your signature and your characters. Maybe change it’s color for a better outward appearance. Good Luck!

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Good skill in art, you could possibly even produce art for one of the popular games that we always see on the front page.

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I am not an artist but in my opinion all of your work is great for 2019 of arts. Keep up the great work! :herb:

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What do you use to draw on? iPad? Drawing Tablet? Computer? What programs as well?

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I use my Ipad Pro mixed with my laptop to make a drawing.
Ipad Pro: Pro Create

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Nice. I’ve been looking into that exact thing! What size do you have?

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Amazing artwork. I haven’t really got anything to say about it, you’re quite good at it and I find your work fine, keep on going!

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I’d recommened to use size 1000x1000.