Feedback on Autopilot System

(There’s a TL;DR at the bottom of this post.)

I am currently working on an Autopilot system that I am planning on open sourcing, however I won’t do so until I am sure that the system is fully functional, so that Roblox developers can finally implement autopilot systems to their games. I am also working on a Full Self-Driving car similar to Tesla’s real world version of FSD Beta, I have already developed a working, fully functional, FSD system, however I am not confident with my code yet, I am planning on redoing the whole code so that its clean and understandable.

To those of you who are not familiar with Tesla’s, heres a quick summary of different versions of Tesla’s technology features. There are multiple versions of driver assist features in Tesla’s, these features are Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and Full Self-Drive.

Lets talk about Autopilot first, Autopilot comes standard with all Tesla’s that are being sold today, this feature works in any PAINTED road that goes 30 mph and above, it’s basically AutoSteer and Adaptive Cruise Control combined so that the car can drive itself in its lane. Besides keeping up with speed, adjusting to cars in front of it, and keeping itself inside its lane, Autopilot will also takeover to avoid collisions, such as changing lanes with an oncoming car, inattentive driver, emergency braking, and etc. Again, all these safety features comes standard with all Tesla’s, which are also updated regularly with over the air software updates, so every Tesla vehicle, even the very first manufactured Model S (Tesla’s first production car) are up-to-date and can function like a Tesla that just came out of the factory.

Enhanced Autopilot:
Now, let’s talk about Enhanced Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot is basically Autopilot but with more features, this feature lets the car change lanes, navigate on highways/freeways, take an exit to another freeway, and take an exit off the freeway. This feature does NOT come standard with all Tesla’s, you have to pay an extra $6,000 (current price at the time of writing) to add it to your vehicle.

Full Self-Driving:
Full Self-Driving, or FSD, is widely known in the autonomy/technology field, I myself has access to FSD, it has been great so far, it can take me to any destination I put in the navigation. However this system is in BETA, meaning they are still heavily working on it to make it better, due to it being classified as Level 2 autonomy on the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) chart, THE DRIVER IS FULLY IN CONTROL AND IS LIABLE FOR ANY ACCIDENT CAUSED BY THEIR CAR. With that being said, the car won’t go rogue and just crash you because it feels like it, in fact it is way more sensitive to other cars and pedestrians, that it won’t even move on a 4 way stop sign if it see’s the other car rolling the stop sign. Enough with the safety instructions, FSD is a feature that you can purchase for a price of $12,000 (current price at the time of writing), it has all the features of both Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot, but with more features, such as stopping at stop signs and traffic lights, maneuvering on a tighter and UNPAINTED roads, such as dirt roads.

There are more features I haven’t mentioned, such as Autopark, Summon, and Smart Summon. All of the features I’ve talked about here are being planned to be added to the game I am developing, but for now I have Autopilot ready for initial public testing.

I heavily ask you guys not to vote on the game at it’s current state right now. However I do ask that you guys send feedbacks through here or DM me. Thank you!

Game Link:

TL;DR - Autopilot System is working, will be open sourced when fully functional. FSD System in the works, however it will only be fully exclusive in the game I am working on until I am ready to open source it.


How do you enable it ingame? I cant figure it out

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Hi there! Just walk towards the spawn point, click to spawn, hop on the drivers seat, and it will play chimes then it will start driving by itself, I have disabled player controls at the moment. Hope you enjoy!

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Thanks, the cop car confused me, i thought that was the autopilot car.

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Oh yeah, I placed that there just to test out the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control).

The project is really cool and I tried it out! It looks very nice and promising, I definitly see this becoming a thing, could you share how the autopilot that you scripted works? Like how does it calculate the turning speed, etc…

I am planning on open sourcing it in the near future, however the system is still not done yet.

Yea I know but, can you tell just how the system works basiccly? It works by machine learning, determinated values, etc…?

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Currently it’s determined values, however I am learning how to use machine learning so I can implement it.

Great! I’m working on a similar project too and I think that machine learning could help alot during this type of stuff.

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Yea, I’ve tested your autopilot system, yours seems to use part detection, mine is a little bit more complicated than that. My autopilot system uses LiDAR technology to make smooth adjustments to create a path that the vehicle follows without the “bouncing” effect created by hit detection off of a lane marker. Although my system isn’t perfect right now, cause it tends to create lag, and with lag comes with slower reaction time, and slower reaction time makes the car go rogue. Anyways good luck with your project!

It looks great! Is there a way to increase the maximum speed? In the future you should add other moving vehicles that move that different speeds and implement lane changing. I cant wait for the open source!

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Yes I am planning on adding a GUI that lets players control the maximum speed like the real life version. I am also planning on adding all of the features that current IRL Tesla’s have, including all the features I’ve talked about.

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I think you tested and old old version, I am creating another type more intelligent and better.

New Update!
• Increased Speed (60 → 80) (Per Request)
• Decreased Bouncing Effect (By 75%)
• Increased Reaction Time (By 15%)

I am currently heavily working on automated changing lanes, I have figured out a system, however I found a major bug. The system works on straight roads, but not on turning roads, because then the centering script kicks in and tries to keep the car in its lane.

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Found this post and its really cool! Unfortunately somehow after getting out and getting back in the car it decided to leave the road.

Edit: It fell in a ditch and is stuck

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Unfortunately this does happen from time to time, the main cause that I’ve determined is due to either the device you are using or your internet. This game requires a pretty above average internet and device to prevent this from happening. Personally this has never happened to me (I test on an iPhone 11 and has an average internet, less than 100 mbps). Although I’ve seen one other player suffer the same problem. I am trying to figure out a way so that all vehicles share the same script to prevent lag. Sorry you experienced this problem though, I found that it helps for you to wait ~10 seconds after the game loads just to wait for everything to settle before spawning a vehicle.

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Here’s the game roadmap, heavily inspired by @ZolarKeth’s Starscape Roadmap.

Autopilot Roadmap

Haha – This reminds of someone who either interned at Tesla or really wants to work there. FSD, an actual working 1:1 concept, is pretty hard to do. Without seeing your code, it’s hard for me to tell what’s actually going on. However, if this is legit and you actually got this to work 1:1, I am hella impressed.

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