Feedback on bar

Made this old timey bar.


Thats really nice, a tip I would give is set up future lighting like I did here and enable shadows on all your light sources:

the style of our builds are very similar :grinning:


I like it, but the walls look really ugly to me I don’t know why.

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Wow i really like it : D. It is an idea for thumbnail in your game

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Thanks! And no i made this only for practice.

Your lighting is on point. I’m not the greatest when it comes to lighting lol :smile:

The building looks amazing. Only issue I see is with lighting, perhaps try with the CastShadow property enabled.

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This looks really good! The only thing I recommend changing is probably adding some more wall decor on certain spots like things on shelves or pictures on the wall since they seem a little empty. Everything else looks pretty nice though.

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I like it! But the walls being all the same color doesn’t agree with me.