Feedback On Blender GFX

I recently switched from using Studio to make my GFX to using Blender since it was cleaner and better control over the models. I have been practicing with it and I made this wanting some feedback on it.

Also my portfolio I am currently revamping so if you want to hire me:

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Wow! I could never imagine me being able to do that! Great job! Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see more!:upside_down_face::+1:

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Thanks! Is there anything you think I could of done better?

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It’s good, yea, but the guy climbing the tree in the back, maybe move his leg out a little bit so his leg doesn’t clip with the tree.

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Ahh yeah I see alrighty thanks for the feedback!

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The lighting is extremely dull and the trees in the far back look very two-dimensional.


Yeah when I edited the background it made some of the the trees in the back 2D a small but major flaw that could be fix just did not notice til after. Also what do you mean the lighting was dull what could I have done to enhance the lighting more?

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The way you applied the shading to the trees, maybe you could do the same thing under the bridge.:upside_down_face:

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The lighting seems really lazy like if you just stuck one sun light point and call it a day.
Get two instead. One facing the left angle with a yellow-ish gold color while the other is a bit weaker with blue color on it.

The camera angle needs to be changed in a way.

The posing seems real basic needs attention.

Alrighty Thanks, for the extensive feedback I added some into the sides but when I did the angle on the camera it faded away to the side.

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I am still experimenting with light and how it effects everything. I added 1 sun light point and 5 point lights, although I will use the method next for like a sunset/etc…

Trust me it will work you just gotta understand how lighting works and specially how the sun can cast light.

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I would suggest using a different HDRI and the grass looks very smooth. Poses are cool though!

Looks cool, you can try to work ob composition and lighting. Goodluck!

probably the trees render in blender dont look really like how they appear in studio try to change it or use a tutorial about the grass leaves shaders

Looks really nice, but there’s something weird with the shadows. The tree on the left casts a shadow on the ground, but other trees don’t seem to. Also, those 2D trees are somewhat out of place.

how epic is it
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it needs shadows the trees

dude the quality is amazing, professional even compared to some of these people trying to pass as artist, however. lighting completely destroys it. try using cycles render engine, and compositing. if you search up those 2 terms in google 3 or 4 vids later you will get so much better results.

Why cycles over eevee? 30minchar