Feedback on Cafe Build

Hello everyone! I have been working on this cafe for a while now and I finally think it is done. It was out previously but I have updated it. Check it out and leave a rate!

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Out of 10 I’d give this a 9. The colors and aesthetics of this are amazing. The only thing I would change would be that the exterior looks a bit boxy. I also think you could put some more tables and chairs to help with the half-empty feeling.


Sounds great, thanks for the rate ! :smiley:


It is really good! but I think the inside looks a little too empty, try adding something. I’d also try to play with different designs for the tables and chairs on the inside.


Alrighty! Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:


Piggybacking on @lSteveRogersl and @Slazerick’s replies, it does notably feel a bit empty on the inside. It has a nice atmosphere, and overall feels polished and well done.

To address the space in the middle, most cafes in real life don’t have such a large space without purpose. In order to maximize sales, most would fill it with chairs or tables. However, the same one would get repetitive over time, so consider using “islands”, like the ones found in kitchens, with a plant or two to open up the space and make it feel more natural. Additionally, if you want the cafe to feel grand and luxurious, you can even put a centerpiece in the middle to really spice things up.

Overall, very well done. I’d rate a 9/10. Best of wishes!


Hello there! Your maps looks really impressive however there are some problems abut it too.

  • I think you should lower the gap between leaves or add more leaves to the tree. I think it’d make it better than the current one
    *In the picture there is a blocky terrain. If I were you I’d use gapfill to make it an acutal terrain.
  • I think it’d be nicer without the GFX I don’t know why but that GFX seems a bit odd to me. Maybe you can make the GFX into a frame. I think it’d look nicer than the plain image.

I give you 7 out of 10: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


The cafe looks really decent, like all the details you added to the cafe and the. Colors really fit with the cafe however there is a couple, of things to add to your “Cafe”

My Suggestions

  • The cafe looks really good however as others said above. The inside looks a little empty try adding more chairs/tables to fill in the empty spots, as by looking at it it’s not that much inside i would suggest you also add some details! onto the table like some mini plant, napkins, plates, ect.

  • And the outside i would add some bushes, flowers, rocks, and branches on the trees, potted plants, Also for the outside were the chairs/tables, are at you could maybe add a umbrella in the middle of the table to look more better!!

However you have really done, a great job on your cafe. Keep up the good work also you should add some more leaves to the trees. 8/10


The color choice is very unique.
Inside I noticed that there aren’t a lot of tables, which would be perfect for a small server. If you want a bigger server, more tables and chairs will be needed.
Overall I’m going to rate your cafe a 10/10.


Looks good! You can try making more models of trees so it doesn’t look so similar in every place.


I think you should fix the emptiness inside by adding more tables and such. Also offers more sitting room for those who want to have a meal at your cafe


It is clear that you have spent a lot of time working on this cafe, the use of a pinky effect and use of colouring mixes perfectly, only issue I would point out is the cafe is slightly large itself, however it lacks seating area which it could have more of, experiment with different chairs and tables to mix the cafe up and bring it to life. I wish you good luck on your developments to this cafe. Hope this feedback helped.


Sounds good, thanks for you’re feedback! :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback! And the rate! :smiley:

Alright! Thank you for you’re feedback! I will take it into consideration. :smiley:

Thank you for the rate! The color is unique, yes, I haven’t seen many cafes with these colors so I thought I would be unique! :smiley:

Sounds good, thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

I will put it into consideration! Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

Thank you for the feedback, I was going to add more seating and try to mix it up, haha! Great minds think alike. Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:


The only thing I suggest that has not been mentioned above is maybe remove the filters on the camera. It doesn’t make the game look too clear.


Okay, I’ll take that into consideration, Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:


My take on this design is more of a 4.5 . The design in my opinion is a little dated in my opinion. Although I do like some elements, Like the flooring’s texture I just see it as little unoriginal (Especially some assets, like the cash registers and the drink machines no offense look from somewhere else)

Apart from this, I encourage you to keep learning (Might want to try to do a more low poly approach with smooth plastic which could help the design out.)


I appreciate the feedback! I’ll take it into consideration. Thank you! :smiley:

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As others have said, more indoor tables would improve this. The open space is good, but maybe a couple more tables. You might also want to add a few tables with only two seats, as the tables currently seem to only be 4-seaters.


Here are the new updates coming to the cafe!

  • More Tables into the dining area/seating area

  • More tree spread/leaves, flowers, and bushes

  • Island’s being planted in the staff area

  • Adding more designs to the cafe

  • Possible removal of filters

  • More Low-Poly designs

  • Adding 2-Seat tables into seating area

Thank you everyone for the help & Feedback towards my cafe!


Well, I would really suggest trying to create your own assets.

At first glance, I noticed that the register and soda machine models were completely stolen from an older version of one of my popular creations, SizzleBurger. Other than that, it looks okay but I would maybe try to make different sizes for the trees as they all look too similar right now.