Feedback on Castle Tycoon v2

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently updated a project of mine, Castle Tycoon. Version one had some obvious bugs, wasn’t that fun to play, and ultimately was unsuited for the community. You can read about the old version here.

Here is the updated game:

I would love any and all feedback on the game.

Please take note - I working on implementing a system where you can buy the gamepasses in-game. I also am working on adding new icons and thumbnails into the game, so please overlook those things :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hope you all are having a good day :grinning:


I like it, neat and relaxing .

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I’m so glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


I updated the game a little bit. Gamepass I icons have been added, flag colors have been changed, and I created a community discord server as well.