Feedback on "Cleaning up Roblox!"

There’s a popular Roblox game called “Clean up Roblox” where you shoot up avatars with a laser gun. I wanted to make a game with the same idea, but it focuses on shooting up different players (Mrflimflam, NobleDragon, Konekokitten, etc) instead of avatar stereotypes. I didn’t make it as a trash copy game, but as a recreation of the game by me, kind of like how Jailbreak is a recreation of Prison Life. So I wanted to hear feedback from players, positive or negative, about the game.

Here’s the link: Cleaning up Roblox! - Roblox

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The quality is the same as the original one, just different models and maps.
Works ok.
Nothing extraordinary.

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Nice game! Good work! I love the building. The only issue i have is that the builds have studs. And I personally dont like them. They dont look good imo. But personal preference.

The only people I shot were NobleDragon and MsShu

  • shot msshu because she tried getting dumbskid banned and was mean to him
  • noble dragon because he watches furry p**** :face_vomiting: and bans ruben sim

I only shot the people who did wrong to me


Even though it might not be against the ToS, it’s never a good idea to have a game about hating (or “cleaning up”) specific people. The original “Clean up Roblox” is still not okay (in my opinion), but better in the case that it’s not focusing on one person nor an identifiable, vulnerable group.

Some (not good) things that stood out to me are:

  1. Your game’s description:

your job is to clean the website up and get rid of it’s worst players

  1. The reply above, which reflects why people might play your game:
  1. Would the people in your game like to know that they are known as one of the “worst players” on Roblox?

Your game may or may not be against the ToS, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change it a bit to make it a little less… toxic. I still don’t like seeing games about “cleaning up” people who have done nearly nothing to me except exist. Even then, I wouldn’t lash out at some random person by creating a game about them.

Please be more careful about what you make. Don’t spread hate.


I’ve changed the description of the game to not make it seem as toxic.

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I’ve always liked studs as they reminded me of my favorite games like Juke’s Towers of Hell or EM’s Difficulty Chart Obby.

You built studs because you can’t make realistic or cartoonish :rofl:
Liking it isn’t the same as cannot do otherwise.


I’ve made a update to the game.