Who should I add into my game "Cleaning up Roblox!"?

I have a Roblox game called “Cleaning up Roblox!”. This post is not for feedback on the game itself, this is: Feedback on "Cleaning up Roblox!".

This post is about which notable users should I add to the game. When I mean notable users, I mean popular YouTubers, Developers, Admins, or people who were in big drama.

Here’s the game link to see who I already added to the game: Cleaning up Roblox! - Roblox


I feel like you shouldn’t really make people shoot real life people. It’s just weird and plus it can set the example for kids that shooting their most disliked youtube the most is okay.


just because a kid shoots the youtuber they hate most in a video game doesnt mean they are gonna get a gun and shoot that youtuber irl

I know. But it’s giving the impression that shooting people because you dislike them is okay. You have to remember 7 year olds play this.

7 year olds wont give the impression that shooting people because you dont like them is ok from a roblox game.

Some don’t have parents irl who can teach them whats right or wrong. Plus with the roblox game on top of other media it can set a bad example.

it doesnt give the impression though, 7 year olds wont just jump and think its ok because of a roblox game.

that is true but its a blocky lego game with a laser gun that has blocky avatars.

alright lets just end this argument

Well, surely there is an issue with this
If there is some people being shot, if those people play roblox and report this game, wouldn’t that break the TOS in any way

If I was on there, I would report it

Thats my opinion

honestly if i was on there i would keep it there for laughs but i respect your opinion.

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I love how this game takes inspiration as “Clean up Roblox”, but apparently my game is problematic but theirs isn’t.

probably because clean up roblox is way bigger and people dont have the time to contact the owner

You know Roblox doesn’t take they’re reports seriously. Just look at the amount of hackers who are reported by many people but aren’t punished.

I guess you’re right, they care about “inappropriate media” than hackers and scammers

If you do make a game like that don’t include specific people otherwise you might get in some trouble if the game gets popular. If you do make one do something where it doesn’t include specific people.

Again, this game was inspired by “Clean up Roblox”. That game is popular and has the same idea as this. How is my game a problem but not theirs?

It’s just bland. Barely a recreation.
You know those super well made animated fighting moves and VFX that actually feel solid and wacky?
Try that.
However for characters just add stuff like Jenna, Floppa, Guest 666 etc xD

They didn’t mention anyone, and you’re legit putting the character’s name as “Flamingo” so technically spreading hate

I’m closing this. You guys are not providing any sort of help.