Feedback on Difficulty Chart Obby game

Hello people!
I’ve been working on a Difficulty Chart Obby for the past few weeks, and would greatly appreciate if someone has some spare time to review my upcoming game! I’ve placed a green neon part in spawn so you can jump around the stages and have a look using the GUI “<” and “>” buttons!

This will just be an ordinary difficulty chart obby, with increasingly hard stages.

Link: Xen's Difficulty Chart Obby **TEST SERVER** - Roblox

Thanks! Any feedback is accepted!


Nice job.

But, you should add music to your DCO.

Keep up the great work.

Edit: Nevermind I forgot that the green part teleports you to different stages


Thank you for your time, music will be considered! Have a great day!


I like it, nice work. :+1:

Like what @h_unt said add music but add a turn on and off button.

Edit: Why do you use future lighting it looks nice but why not shadowmap or voxel?


I’m actually using ShadowMap as lightning.

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Looks great! Keep up the good work developing!

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Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is super hard easy had long jumps hard was super hard can you make it a easier and possible

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I stopped at the yellow wall climb sphere to 1x1x1’s. Sorry man, even people who enjoy obbies will not do this, let alone kids on mediocre devices. If you want a challenging game, you nailed it, but if you want a fun obby that increases difficulty that everyone to enjoy, you might need to rethink a lot of your stages. “Easy” and “Medium” levels were not a breeze.

I did the sphere part wall climbing

I just feel like the first few parts aren’t fair for begginers I mean it

This game was pretty much designed to get all the boring stages out the way quickly, it is meant for people who enjoy a big challenge, but I’ll take note!

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I enjoy the game very much but it is not begginer friendly

One of the parts I had to use skip stage on stage 27 I think

Oh, you didn’t have to pay… I made a green part in spawn that let you freely choose what stage you would want to be on for testing purpose.

I guess the skip stage counted as a tip then :smiley:

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You should move the kill brick up more I cant get pass it

Fixed! Thanks for letting me know

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Your welcome it’s a very good obby

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As an obbyist, I have a lot to say.

Difficulties switch very randomly. Like one time it was 8 stages, and another it was 6.

Some stages are inconsistent with difficulty spikes.

The lighting is very weird. Just have it be normal daytime.

I wouldn’t put 4 stud wraps on easy. The stages on easy are pretty hard for easy.

Please change the effortless color, or whichever one is brown.

Add music.

Hope this helps.