Feedback on Environmental Art Curriculum

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We’re interested in hearing from you about your experience following the Environmental Art Curriculum. If you have any questions, concerns, or additional feedback on the process, please feel free to leave a comment below and someone on the team will respond to you shortly.


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I still wonder why Alpha Strike team uses Mesh Instance to place Decals.

Roughly the docs summarize the tools and etc. specifically for this documentation the Greyboxing.

The documentation is fine, but the features and stuff currently kinda meh.

The tutorial is cool though. But there’s this one part where they place everything with Parts. They never say how they ensure that everything is evenly spaced. Greybox Your Environment | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Like there’s no true measurement or anything that is close to Photoshop’s blue or pink guiding lines.

And the things with the walls and Packages. That’s good. Even though I wished Roblox would have local Packages. Because if I add a lot of Packages, I won’t ever find them again in my Toolbox unless I create a Roblox Group.

See also this


I’ve been trying to create guiding lines, and I started with this. But I want the numbers to be smaller. And for that I need to use scale size instead of offset because I can’t keep the BillboardGui from streching and that’s very very annoying, because if I wanted to have a feature to change the font it’s like a pain

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Hey @HealthyKarl, thank you so much for the feedback. In the Greybox Your Environment section, we enabled the Snap to Grid settings, then set Rotate to 90 degrees and Move to 5 studs. This allowed everything to be equally spaced from each other in 5 stud increments, which was especially helpful when planning the layout between floors. We will add in this information very soon, thank you for flagging that gap. Regarding your requests for additional tooling, I will forward your feedback to the appropriate teams, thank you!


Hi HealthyKarl - I wanted to address this. The most common reason AlphaStrike 3d content makers might be using a mesh (probably a UV’d plane) to place decals over surfaces (such as the street debris or manhole covers on Modern City) rather than a part based decal is to take advantage of the UV-respecting PBR shaders available on SurfaceAppearance, for richer and higher quality looking decals.

The Decal object in Studio only make use of color and transparency, so we use a mesh to incorporate surfaceAppearance instead. Is this what you were referring to?

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Oh, I see, makes sense.

Though was there a special way to place the Meshes? Because I saw it had Offsets. I can only imagine to manually tweak it so that it doesn’t “float”.

Not sure if it helps with mobile Z-Fighting issues, as well. Because on mobile planes that are really close, e.g. Y level of 0.0001 and maybe 0.00011 don’t Z-Fight on PC but do on mobile.