Feedback on everything

I am a low-poly builder looking for some feedback on my game that I am developing also looking for someone else who can build low-poly who is willing to help me out :heart_eyes:


Looks great. If I had to make a suggestion I would say maybe detail the sky a bit more, such as adding some cartoon-y or low poly like clouds.

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Really good idea!! I could possibly add some moving clouds but I have tried it before… sometimes it doesn’t look as good as you really think it would sometimes it is best to just add a normal sky box but I will try it again.

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From what I see now, everything is beautifully designed both in colour and style. Maybe add some red and yellow flowers or small plants in general to make it even more lively. If you could share a place link we could take a closer look at all buildings etc.

Anyways good work!

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Yeah sure come have a look

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As far as I can tell from the picture it looks really good so far, I’ll have a look around in-game when I get a chance later and suggest any ideas that may pop up.

First of all, those trees are gorgeous! Also, I love the detailing of the sidewalks. It really gives a lot of detail to the low poly design. Like some of the previous comments, I would recommend adding a different sky box, but not too different, I like the feel of your build!

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Wow that’s literally perfect, nice!

Looks great! Not too entirely sure what the blue ring in the sky is though. It does still fit in quite well with the cartoon-y theme of everything.

Using blender is actually pretty hard, so I guess that you tried your best.

So I gotta say that it looks awesome.

I took a closer look at it and got some points you colud improve:

  1. Add more details (e.g. flowers,patches,ponds) to the gardens and the landscape except this is a game where players design their own plot. In this case only add more details to the surroundings (e.g. flowers,grass,trashcans)

  2. Some trees are fairly out of proportion (This does not have to be a con! It looks pretty nice in a cartoony game, but if you want your game to be realistic, adjust the size.)

  3. I also found a small ‘glitch’. You forgot to set CanCollide to true for this part of the map.

  4. If you get to the top of a rock and look at the back of it, you can see that you didn’t complete the rock.

    In my eyes this let’s the game look incomplete. I recommend closing these rocks and adding an invisible wall to make sure players don’t get to see the outside of the map.

  5. Is that on purpose? I think you switched the order.

  6. Avoid such things if posibble.
    grafik grafik

  7. It’s weird when the road ends in the mountain. Add something there.

  8. You probably know this, but anyways remove it later.

I know this seems a lot of criticism, but that’s actually anything you could criticize and 90% of it are only small things. This does not mean that your map is bad! You did really good work! Criticism schould only help you to improve :smiley:

Good Luck with your game!


Very good work so far! It’s all fitting well into each other. I agree to z7pu’s opinion about the sky, you might add some more details there. Some small grass meshes, flowers or stones at some places on the meadow might also fill the enviroment a bit more.
But at all, keep up that good work! :smile:

Thanks it actually means a lot!! btw the thing in the sky is where you teleport when you go into your house… I will make it so people can’t see it once the game is near done! everything you pointed out seems fair and I will fix all of it and… I did not notice the number 14 16 15 were out of place you have a very good eye!

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I hardly used blender most of it was made from studio

Oh okay, thanks for letting me know!

Looks very good!, I think you can be compared to Adopt Me or MeepCity building!

woah, I would recommend changing the color of the houses a little so that it was not the same, as well as reducing the neon color of the bridge a bit. At the end of the road I would like that instead of the mountain,changed that area so that it is covered by rocks due to a fall of stones so that you have the feeling that everything fell and that nobody can go through that. Good job and keep it up.

The houses can change with a UI script you can paint your own house/car :slight_smile:

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Might wanna get rid of the free model low poly trees and learn on blender, trust me its worth it. Also since you didn’t make any of these meshes, How much of it is actually made by you (the models, houses, objects, and all that). Wish you the best in your future work.