Feedback on first GFX


This is my first GFX I ever created!

Here is my questions to you guys!

Could I make income with this GFX? (is it good enough)
Could you rate it 1-10
When I start doing backgrounds, what should I use?


Definitely a 9/10. The lighting is phenomenal. You can probably sell this as a thumbnail but needs a little more pazaz for it to be sold. I don’t know about backgrounds but I think you got it.

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It looks great Personally I think It Would Look Good with a wild west background,

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Also I wouldn’t have the legs sperated as much.


It looks good. The only thing I see wrong is the legs look a little stiff and uncomfortable. For backgrounds using 3d renders usually looks the best. Then after you finish it often looks really good if you know how to create effects or particles (you can find some free particle packs on YouTube.) If you need help learning how to make eye-catching backgrounds YouTube is a great start to give you an idea. Personally, I was never the best at GFX but I used Cinema and built backgrounds in Roblox studio then transferred it over to Cinema.

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You need a background.
You could use this guide I made if you want.

I wasn’t going to use a background, I just wanted to make a GFX. I am going to add backgrounds in my future.

It looks pretty nice! Great job! :+1:

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In my opinion, if you are going to make a GFX, make a full GFX. And usually you want to 3d model the background, not just add it in in the future.

3D model your own background, please do not steal other peoples’ art.