Feedback on Game Icon #2

Hello everyone, I’d like to recieve an feedback about my game icon I was working on it right now. I already created a topic/thread about this last time so if you are wondering how my old game icon looked like and what the game is about, please check this thread:

I tried to be as much accurate as what my repliers said on what it could been better in my old icon.
Now here is my progress from my last post:

I’d also like to hear which one is better at this moment now, the old one or new one and what it could of been better. Thank you everyone and have a nice day. :herb:


Nice work.

Changes I’d do:
I think you should add some effects to enhance the picture.
I also think you should remove the white banner and just leave the ‘‘runblox’’ text by itself!

I do however love this version as it’s a more modern version unlike the first one which significance’s old roblox and you took more of a 2019 approach to it. Keep up the good work.


The text looks a little plain and the image isn’t the best quality. But overall looks good!


I would recommend a higher quality image and I think the text colors should be edited to match the rest of the image more. Otherwise, good work!


Sort of bare.

I would suggest making the quality a little higher, and the overall picture looks plain to me.


Hello there, so as many people stated above, the quality of the picture is a bit low. There is a lot of room for improvements to get your game icon to the next level.

Now don’t get me wrong, the difference between the old and new icon is huge, you definitely learned something from the repliers and tried to apply their suggestions to your icon.

In my opinion, removing the white banner is a necessity so the map in the background doesn’t get hidden. Also, changing the lighting in the background would be a great addition.

Other than that, you’ve really improved since the last icon you made.
Keep up the great work. :slight_smile:


It’s good for a start!

The text has already been addressed in previous comments, so I’ll focus on the background.
The red helps it stand out, but it’d likely be more eye-catching to the viewer if the character was larger or perhaps even rendered. Some icons do use Roblox Studio for their graphics, but using some sort of rendering program (Blender, for instance) for even just the character can vastly improve the icon’s quality as a whole!

If you’re interested in rendering, here’s a good tutorial to help get you started:


Hello all of you (@sixwoods, @Valkedd, @BasePair, @Serpent_Eyes, @dreamsfree and @0Skyz), I know that y’all are a lot better than me in doing a GFXs, game icons and other stuff, so I made this reply because I’d just like to say a big thank you to y’all for taking your time and learning me new things, it really helped me out. :herb:


No problem man. Keep working hard and you will succeed. If you fail, try to spot your mistake and retry again. Good evening,


The sky doesn’t look great in that icon, try adding some effects around your character and the wings look too big.

Tip: Remove the white banner


Just keep practicing and you’ll eventually get better. Just put in the work. Practice makes perfect!


No problem! It’s the practice that counts.

To start off somewhere small or light, download blender and or GIMP. From there, watch some tutorials with blender.


I would suggest using blender! You can also have text in it too!

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No problem! Keep up the practice!

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