Feedback on game icon

Hey guys im making a icon for my game: get milk at midnight - Roblox

here it is:

I personally suck at drawing, gfx, and stuff like that.

Give me some feedback


I can see the table/chair between the grey NPC’s legs! I think the letter “g” is missing the bottom part. You also need to go to “View” tab in Studio to disable that dice


Alright so I took the dice out, fixed the g, and I changed the background a little

Is seeing the bed in-between the characters legs a good or bad thing? And how would I fix it?

I would recommend that you make the image a bit brighter and add a border around the image.

Is this what you mean by border?

the midnight part is cut out at the endScreen Shot 2021-06-20 at 9.42.11 AM
also you should have it that he’s running to the fridge to get the milk and actually put him in the background

and have better font like press start 2p or somethin

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Put this into #help-and-feedback:cool-creations.

But Its feedback for a game icon, which is art?

Alright, I think I did what you asked for:

I hope this is a better font

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now make the lighting better.

and make him more ‘droopy’ and ‘half-asleep’

make ‘AT’ uncaptialized

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I updated the lighting, and I fixed the text. The guy should appear to be more sleepy

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he looks like a zombie with broken arms. make the text not go on his body, and fix the weird camera perspective.

also it does not at alll look like midnight, its too bright lol.

if it helps i can give you a reference icon (going to be made in studio)


Why is His Head Basically non Connected to his Torso?

Why Is His Body In a Awkward Position?

The Refrigerator Door Looks Like Its Inside of The Refrigerator a Little Bit

Is the Chair Tall?

This may be offensive, But Is This a Clone Of Get A Snack At 4 AM Or Sum?

Honestly i’d prefer first version, since it’s a meme type snack at 4 am inspired game. I suggest making icon size 512x512 + Fixing text cropped out!


Its inspired by get a snack at 4 am, but there’s really no similarities other than the trophies and the fact that its midnight. Im not good at character posing, and the chairs actually short its just at a weird angle.

You can check out the game for yourself and decide whether its a copy cat or not.

Please Send me a game link!

its on the top of the original post, but here it is: get milk at midnight - Roblox

also, if you want to tell me about bugs and suggestions tell me them here:

Did you get all the endings? Also, I asked you tp post the feedback on the game at this topic:

as otherwise it would be off topic

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I never said it’s a copy cat or anything, i just said that idea is similar to get a snack at 4 am with similar gameplay. also played it, but normal “milk” ending wasn’t really working, i got 3/4 endings. Overal game is really cool 8/10!

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I know you didn’t I was directing that to the other guy who said it was. Can you tell me how the normal milk ending wasn’t working? I would like to fix it. There are 2 possibilities for the milk ending, one of which is throwing away the milk in the trash can