Feedback on Game Icon?

Hello, I made a game icon for my upcoming game: Sword Frenzy. Basically a sword fighting game. But i’m not sure if its a good or bad icon for the game. Can anyone give feedback?


This is a well-composed game icon! I particularly like the sword models and the way you’ve included the game’s map in the background. Here are some of my suggestions as to how you could make it more engaging.


The purple colour of the text is quite dark and might not stand out amongst other games on the Games page. I’d suggest using a brighter, more energetic colour such as yellow or pink. You could even try a bright shade of purple to see if it helps make the text pop!

A semi-transparent sun ray effect would also fit quite well behind the sword models. This is an effect often used in game icons to help convey a sense of excitement or action. An example of this effect can be seen above.


Finally, the image is a little grainy. While this is alright for the blurred background, the graininess applied to the text creates a degree of illegibility. Ideally, the text should be as clear as possible. I’d suggest double-checking your export settings and effects to try and reduce this graininess as much as possible.


In conclusion, you’ve clearly put thought and effect into this game icon. The composition is excellent and as mentioned above, I really like the incorporation of the game’s map and sword models. I hope my suggestions are helpful in improving the icon even further!


Woah, thanks a bunch for the feedback. I appreciate it :smiley:

I will try out your ideas and see if it works out well.

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Is this better?


The text is a lot more attention-grabbing for sure. I’ve noticed you’ve also managed to fix it’s graininess - Great job!

Unfortunately, the text appears slightly blurry now. The darker swords don’t look quite as good as the brighter ones either. They become a bit difficult to see and get lost in the background.

With that said, by fixing those issues and cleaning up the image, you should be well on your way to creating a great icon!


Pretty cool, I would change the letters to another color, and I would also recommend making it way less blurry if possible. Other than that good job.


The background is good and so is the ray effect, however I would recommend getting rid of the blur as mentioned above, also the edges of the swords are rough so I would recommend either sharpening or feathering the edges.

The text is on the right path (however the gradient could range from a purple to a lighter shade of purple rather than from purple to white) it might help out.

last thing is: behind the text there’s a green replica of the text (im guessing this is to make the text look 3d). That needs to be removed / re-made as it is really blurry and edges aren’t smooth.

in conclusion: the overall quality needs to be fixed and maybe the color scheme of the text could be changed, overall it is a very good idea and i’m glad to see you have put alot of thought into it, Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I would add an outline to the words and text to make it pop out more.

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A bit blurry, but I think this is fine if you’re only using it as a game icon!

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The icon looks nice. I think it would attract a lot of players. :+1:

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It looks pretty good and eye-catching, only downside is the blurriness. However, that’s only minor, so it’s okay. :+1:

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The colours are dull and matte. I suggest brighter, colours in the front, and darker, more muted colours in the background for some sharp, eye-catching contrast.
I also note that your sword and text is “blurry.” Though I believe you did that intentionally, it does not “pop” out. It looks smudged and muddy. Try giving the text and swords clearer, more defined edges.

Besides that, great job! It looks like a lovely, thought out little logo.


yeah something about purple doesn’t scream frenzy or catch my eyes that well.
I suggest red or a brighter color personally.


The current icon is good enough for the game!

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The icon looks really good and I think it would be better if the letters were less blurry but its a good job.

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