Feedback On Game Thumbnail

So, I wanted to create a game thumbnail to quicken up the process and so I wouldn’t have to do a thumbnail. I’ve created the thumbnail and honestly, it looks pretty good! Here’s my thumbnail:

I added a red point light to spice up the image. Anyways, here’s my latest game thumbnail:

I’d like you to compare the different between the two.

Which one is better
  • The thumbnail I made just now
  • I one I made last year

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Difference between the two
  • Huge
  • Very Big
  • Big
  • Medium
  • Small
  • Very Small
  • Tiny

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Have I improved?
  • Yes
  • No

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I’d like you to give feedback on the thumbnail I just made and rate it with a 0/10 scale.


Hey! I still need feedback on this! Feedback would be great!


The lighting is not very appealing nor is the building and I find the text very hard to read.

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Types of Lighting in Film: Basic Techniques to Know - 42West I would suggest you give this a read. I had to do this when analyzing a films lighting for a project and it changed they way I approach lighting. I would also just try to make the background look more visually appealing, but I am not a builder so I don’t know how to help with that.

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Forgot to mention I made this entirely in studio.

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This might seem a bit silly but you need to make sure you know where you want your viewers to looks and them to know what they are looking at.

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Try using light points, surface light, ect in the workspace for your lighting and put a atmosphere in the lighting to make it smoother. Atmospheric Effects | Roblox Creator Documentation Makes a world of difference.

I did put a point light you could observe by these images:

I just put an atmosphere, compare each one(ignore the camera angle)


I can barely see the person in the vehicle though. Once again what do you want your viewer to see?

I want it to look like he’s dodging a bullet.

I do not see any bullets. Are the lines supposed to be bullets?

How about this:

The lines should resemble the bullets moving quick, the red line is the bullet.

Well now you have a glowing red spaceship if that what you want.

Yeah, I need to light it up with white light.

How about this:

For feedback on the first image:
I would make the text bigger and I would raise it up a bit more up. I would also add a frame/perimeter around the whole thing. That, I think, would make it much better.

The second one just… doesn’t look that good. Maybe if you add text and a frame, it would be better.

Yeah, I didn’t need feedback on the second one, I made it last year.

I implemented your feedback:

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the characters are very stiff, map is too dark, background is too bland and stuff, houses builds need to be improved, you can see the view selector:
Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 11.36.21 AM

the buildings need to be improved as well, and the lighting isn’t great, plus the fog or whatever that is. also the sky is pitch black. i suggest you make one in blender.

i do not mean to be rude, or harsh, but my honest opinion is a 1/10.