Feedback on Game UI


Everything apart from the font is made by me.
How can I improve this UI to be more anime style?



Looks epic so far!

I’m not a UI designer (in fact I’m bad at it), but here’s what I’m thinking:

I am thinking to put an edge in the bars like this:


You could also put a text label or something to show you how much of the type of bar has-I see it a lot in RPG’s.

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I’ve changed the style completely , I think I’ve achieved more of an RPG/Anime style, how could I make this more anime?

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This UI looks good! It is really nice although I would add something in that empty circle, and the 50 circle is not rounded correctly it should be all rounded and have no points in the stroke, and make sure everything is cleaned up, Other than that you did an outstanding job on the rest👍 your getting better and better. I don’t really know much about anime but to me it looks kinda anime

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Thanks, do you think it looks anime styled?

I haven’t seen a lot of UI designs like this one but I really like this type of design.
Good work!

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It looks really good, I find the design extremely smooth and just perfect for some type of shooting game.

Can’t wait to see what this turns out to be for.

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I myself don’t watch or really do any anime-theme’d GUI’s however overall the only thing I see is the spacing between the + and the HP bar (4 pixels at the top & 23 pixels at the bottom)
Also with the “CLAN” text, it should be moved to the right a little more so it isn’t so close to the edge border.
Other than that. I’d say it looks excellent. I like it.

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yeah to me it looks kinda like anime👍

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It looks like anime enough for me. You did an amazing job. :herb:

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I really like the style and everything! But I think you need to change the font to something futuristic instead of comic-look like this picture below: (example)

Keep your works up!! :wink:

Great work @PandaPb! The layout of the UI displays the information effectively and I quite like the art style you’ve chosen for the it too. Here are a couple of my suggestions for possible improvements.

Flower Images

The flower images surrounding the larger circle are difficult to see at the moment and I think their shaded design doesn’t quite match the style of the UI. Their current colour also affects their visibility, making them blend in with the background colour.


I think a larger, flat-coloured flower icon with a more contrasting colour would be more easily visible and may suit the style of the UI better.

Plus Button Edges

While the top edge of the plus button is aligned perfectly with the nearby edge on the main UI, the button’s left edge doesn’t quite match up with its corresponding edge on the main UI.


I think adjusting these edges so that they are in line with one another would help to maintain the UI’s professional look.

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Looks pretty good, definitely is an anime style UI, you nailed that part. The font looks like most anime games I’ve seen so far, great job! 8/10.

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A futuristic sci-fi font would ruin the GUI

It depends what the real theme of your game is. If your theme is a game such as Booga Booga where you are in a tribe and you have to collect resources etc, then it looks great! If it is for a Sci-Fi game it doesn’t exactly fit. Overall it is a lovely UI though!